Donald Trump Impeachment: Mike Pence Already Planning His Inauguration, Democratic Congresswoman Says

Donald Trump’s impeachment is so inevitable at this point that Vice President Mike Pence is already planning his inauguration, one Democratic Congresswoman claimed this week.

Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California and frequent critic of Donald Trump, predicted that the president would soon be out of office. Though Waters did not say exactly on what grounds Trump would be impeached, she did make reference to some members of his administration who had already been ousted.

“Mike Pence is somewhere planning an inauguration. Priebus and Spicer will lead the transition,” Waters wrote on Twitter (via The Hill).

Waters has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump, often predicting that he will be impeached. This week, the California Democrat went after Trump for his statements during a speech to police officers in Long Island that encouraged police brutality. During the speech, Trump implored the officers not to protect the heads of suspects as they are placed into police cars, which was met by cheers from the crowd of police officers.

Waters invoked the memory of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man killed during a rough ride in a police wagon.


While Waters’ tweet may have been more about getting under Trump’s skin than spreading inside information, there are already a number of efforts underway to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and even a formal impeachment effort. Democrat Brad Sherman, also of California, filed a resolution accusing Trump of obstruction of justice in his firing of James Comey, then the FBI director, The Hill noted.

There are others who have predicted that Donald Trump could resign if the Russia investigation starts to yield real evidence of collusion between him and Russia. Trump’s adult son, Donald Trump Jr., was already pulled into the investigation after evidence emerged of a 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton that had been stolen by the Russian government.

Tony Schwartz, a co-author of Trump’s best-selling book The Art of the Deal, had consistently said he believes Trump will likely “self-immolate” if the heat grows too intense.

“The more convinced Trump becomes that he will be caught, the more desperately he will deny what will turn out to be indisputably true,” he said (via New York magazine). “Is there anyone rational who doesn’t believe he has already obstructed justice several times over? In the end, I don’t believe Trump will be impeached, or found guilty of a crime. My gut tells me that when the fire gets hot enough, he will make a deal to save himself, resign the presidency, and declare victory.

The Russia investigation has been relatively quiet since the revelation of Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, though there are still many who still call on Trump to be impeached for firing James Comey in what they believe was an attempt to thwart the investigation. For his part, Donald Trump has continued to assert that he had no improper contact with Russia either during the campaign or after.


The idea of impeaching Donald Trump would still be far off, as he would need a sizeable number of Congressional Republicans to turn on him for the impeachment to move forward. But Trump’s relationship with Republicans has become increasingly strained, with the president lashing out this week after they failed to pass health care reform.

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