‘Z Nation’ Season 4 Date Released: Lucy Is 18, Gorgeous, And Blue In New Photo

Z Nation fans have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Z Nation Season 4 to see who survives the encounter with “Man.” After tracking down Lucy leaves the entire cast of characters in peril, the premiere of Season 4 will hopefully end this real cliff hanger of who survives and who doesn’t.

When fans last saw the Z Nation crew they were attempting to extract Lucy from “Man” after the little girl with the very different hue of blue complexion had blossomed into a teenager overnight. The search was made easier as body parts and zombies alike were pointing the way to Murphy’s offspring, who has a strange bond with the dead. They even picked up “Grandpa” zombie who was the next best thing to a GPS device with his dead finger pointing the way to Lucy.

While the show Z Nation was often compared to The Walking Dead when it first aired on Syfy, that mindset didn’t last long. After the first few episodes, folks realized that other than the dead getting up and walking, the two shows are as different as night and day. Both shows are equally entertaining, which appears to be the consensus among zombie fans across the country via social media.

Z Nation was the first show to cross-pollinate the species, and that outcome was Lucy. Murphy, who is half zombie and half human after getting the zombie vaccine and then being bitten, had a brief encounter with a rather crazy human woman who gave birth to Lucy.

As an infant, it appeared Lucy was an abomination, with her razor sharp jagged teeth, but she grew into a rather pretty teen in a matter of no time, sporting a complexion of blue. In Season 4 if you can get around the blue complexion, Lucy is a knock-out. She’s now a full-grown young woman somewhere around 18.

Lucy’s growth spurts have her at about 18 years old right now, according to the Z Nation update. This teen has done a good job at taunting “Man” after he kidnapped her. He had to be mother and father to Lucy as she went from pre-teen to a woman overnight.

There was a scene last season where she started to menstruate and it scared her. Since “Man” was the only one with her at the time, he had the painstaking deed of explaining to Lucy what was happening to her body. Some might say it was a scene that could almost make you like “Man,” just a little bit, but as folks have commented online, it was a fleeting feeling because he soon returned to his normal self.

According to the Syfy Wire, “At the SDCC panel, stars DJ Qualls (Citizen Z), Kellita Smith (Lt. Roberta Warren), Keith Allan (Murphy), and Russell Hodkinson (Doc) were joined by writer Karl Schaefer and producer Craig Engler to chat with the audience about the upcoming season.”

While very little hints were given about the upcoming season, one thing this group did convey is that Z Nation is a “dangerous show,” meaning… “people you like can die.”

Z Nation Returns with an 18-year-old Lucy for Season 4

This was seen when the character, who fans were led to believe was the star of the show, died in the first season. That was Charles Garnett, who was played by Tom Everett Scott, who led the crew. He was eaten by the zombies, but Roberta gave him “mercy” from afar as the “puppies and kittens” ravished his body while he was still alive and kicking. He was a love interest of Roberta’s, they had just consummated their relationship minutes before his death.

When fans last saw the Z Nation crew at the finale of Season 3, they had all found their way to the mountain where “Man” was harboring Lucy. Grandpa zombie was shot by Roberta before she realized he was their buddy and acted as a homing pigeon for finding Lucy. Addy climbed the mountain to find an entrance in, but Doc was captured and taken in through the big gate.

The rest of the characters had problems while making their way into the mountain, like Roberta getting shot with a bullet that passed through Murphy. Will that bullet act like a vaccine for the head honcho of the group? 10K is still drifting in and out of death, but a new scheme seems to bring him back. Then there is a fight that offers a real cliff hanger as some topple over the mountain, with Lucy going after them.

So when does Z Nation return with Season 4? According to the Z Nation website, they return in September and since August is almost here, fans of the Syfy show don’t have too much longer to wait. The show airs on Friday nights at 10 p.m. EST. The date given by the website Return Dates is September 8, 2017, for the premiere of Z Nation Season 4.

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