Someone Keeps Urinating On Library Books In Canada

Ontario, Canada – Librarians recently discovered that someone keeps urinating on all over the books at a branch in Leamington, according to MSN.

The staff is concerned the tomes housed inside the library will soon be the target of the urinating culprit. The individual responsible for this bizarre series of crimes has already ruined nearly 400 books during his pee-soaked rampage.

Janet Woodbridge, chief librarian at the Essex County Library, said the individual soaks both the shelves and the books in the process. The Star reports officials have estimated the urine has caused approximately $5,000 worth of damage. After all, you really can’t salvage a book someone has peed on.

“This is very unusual behaviorr. In all the years I’ve worked in libraries, I’ve never heard of this happening,” Woodbridge explained to MetroNews Canada.

She added, “It’s vandalizing a public asset that the public has paid for. They’re hurting themselves and everyone else in the community because the material is no longer available.”

The last incident reportedly took place earlier this month. During the latest attack on literature, the individual managed to urinate on no less than 30 books.

Local authorities said officers were doing all they could to catch the person responsible for destroying so many innocent books. However, since the shelves in the library are very tall, catching the man in action is a little difficult to do.

In an effort to catch the vandal, library staff will begin patrolling the aisles a bit more frequently than they have in the past. A security mirror has also been installed to give librarians a better view of who’s doing what inside the building.

Although measures are being taken to catch the culprit, the individual is still at large. Until the suspect is apprehended, no book in the Essex County Library is safe.

What do you think about the person who keeps urinating in library books in Canada?