Hillary Clinton Suffers Mild Concussion, Is Recovering At Home

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sustained a concussion after fainting, the State Department said Saturday.

Clinton’s testimony before Congress regarding the Benghazi attacks has been put on hold after she fainted Saturday and suffered a concussion. The Secretary of State was ill last week with a stomach virus, which caused her to miss an overseas trip, reports MSN. According to a State Department aide, the illness dehydrated Clinton.

She is expected to recover and work from home this week while doctors keep a close eye on her condition. She will miss meetings with the House and Senate that were scheduled for Thursday. Clinton is hoping to return to work as usual “soon,” the statement said.

Clinton missed her trip to North Africa and the Persian Gulf on Monday due to her stomach illness. She caught the virus during a recent trip to Europe, reports The Washington Post.

As Secretary of State, Clinton has been known for her hectic travel schedule, and is the most traveled Secretary of State, having visited 112 countries during her tenure.

The 65-year-old Clinton is expected to leave her job soon after serving as America’s top diplomat during President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Her successor has not yet been appointed, but previous rumors suggesting that UN Ambassador Susan Rice would receive the nomination from the White House have proven moot in light of the controversy surrounding her. She withdrew herself from consideration earlier this week.