Japan Burger King Offers Windows 7 Whopper. Bring On The Heart Attacks

James Johnson

Oh Japan, how I love your ability to create the most insanely odd advertising campaigns of all time. But seriously, a Windows 7 Whopper? Why on earth does anyone need a 5 inch tall burger with seven patties of beef? Then again the¥777 (or $8.55) isn't a bad deal for such a mammoth heart attack waiting to happen.

The burger which was announced today is available for the next seven day in celebration of Microsoft's release of the Windows 7 operating system.

I should also note that only 30 customers per day can take advantage of the ¥777 price, each customer after that point will pay ¥1,450 ($17.10), which totally doesn't go with the "number 7 theme." that they seem to have going for the first 30 customers each day.

Quick tip: bring your own bread and make 7 burgers for the price of three or four. [Electronista]