'Dragon Ball Super' Ep 101 Review, 102 Preview: U6 Saiyans, No.17, 18 Shine Against U11, NEP Teases U2 vs U7

Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 was a pleasant surprise to many fans of the long-running anime franchise. Living up to the hype, the recently aired episode went above and beyond in giving viewers some good old fan service, in the form of the Pride Troopers battling Androids 17 and 18 as well as Universe 6's female Saiyans taking a heroic stand against the U11 warriors. Overall, DBS Episode 101 was intense, funny at the right moments, and undeniably enjoyable.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

This week's episode, "The Warriors of Justice Close In! Pride Troopers!!" featured the Universe 11 representative team (minus their two strongest warriors, Toppo and Jiren) trying its best to eliminate Goku and the two female U6 Saiyans, Caulifla and Kale, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. While Goku initially wanted to start battling against Jiren, he and the two U6 Saiyans ended up boxed in by five other members of the Pride Troopers.

The U11 squad, led by General Kahseral, actually performed quite well, with two of the fighters, Beardy and Shorty, managing to give Goku a hard time. Caulifla and Kale were also pushed to the ropes by the Universe 11 champions, with the LSSJ being rendered helpless by Cocotte's energy barrier and her superior being spammed by beam attacks. Amidst all this, Universe 11's Kahseral was proudly enjoying his team's work.

That is, of course, until the Androids stepped in. Once the brother-sister team joined the fight, the fates of the Pride Troopers were sealed. Kahseral's blades were rendered useless by No. 17, while Beardy, the Trooper pinning down Goku, was casually pushed back and eliminated by No. 18. The U11 fighters strategized, however, deciding to focus their efforts on eliminating Kale and Caulifla instead.

While the Androids shone in Dragon Ball Super Episode 101, the highlight of the episode was undoubtedly the stand of the two U6 female Saiyans, who battled four Pride Troopers at once. At some point, Caulifla seemed like she was not going to make it, but when Kale finally managed to gain control of her Berserker form, the game completely changed. True to the nature of Saiyans, the female tag team of Caulifla and Kale blasted three Pride Troopers at once with a combined beam attack.

Amusingly, since Cocotte was not eliminated by Kale and Caulifla's blow due to her energy barrier, she was unceremoniously dealt with by No. 18. Despite surviving the attack of two Saiyans at full power, Cocotte, energy shield and all, was picked up by the Android and nonchalantly thrown off the arena.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 was a delightful watch, as noted by many DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit. Many fans, for one, lauded the episode for balancing intense battles with moments of humor (courtesy of No. 18). If any, the episode further developed the characters of Caulifla and Kale, who definitely evolved as fighters worthy of returning in a future arc of DBS.

The NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 was quite interesting as well. After their battle with the U11 team, Universe 7 would meet its next challengers -- the female warriors of Universe 2. If the short preview for the next episode is any indication, it seems like Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 would be having their hands full fighting the transforming, Sailor Moon-esque warriors of the second DBS Universe.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.
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