Lady Gaga Is Set To Testify For Dr. Luke In Kesha Defamation Case, But Will She Show?

As the legal drama between record producer Dr. Luke and Kesha forges on, the public can expect to see more celebrities drawn into the conflict. Lady Gaga is the latest to be drawn into the court case, having been subpoenaed by Dr. Luke’s lawyers. What the Joanne artist will say or what the attorneys want with her is a matter of speculation at this point, but pulling her into the case seems to indicate Lady Gaga has some information beneficial to Dr. Luke’s side.

Lady Gaga Gets Drawn Into Kesha Defamation Case

People reports that Dr. Luke’s lawyers have already issued a statement, explaining that the public can see a relatively long list of individuals called upon to testify in the case. Dr. Luke is suing Kesha for defamation of character in regard to accusations she made against the record producer, so it’s sensible to assume that those related to the recording industry would be asked to testify.

Of particular interest will be record producers, artists, and other celebrities with direct knowledge of the incidents surrounding the suit. Dr. Luke’s lawyers indicated in their statement that more celebrities would be called for plaintiff and on behalf of Kesha.

The legal team representing Dr. Luke has indicated that Lady Gaga was served a subpoena, because she is privy to statements made against the record producer by Kesha. The lawyers contend that those statements were false and harmful to Dr. Luke’s reputation.

Lady Gaga, Kesha
Lady Gaga has information that might harm Kesha in a civil suit. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Will Lady Gaga Really Testify Against Kesha?

Page Six reports that Lady Gaga was only served with a subpoena after repeated requests for a deposition went unanswered. The lawyers say Lady Gaga’s unwillingness to submit herself for deposition made further court action necessary to obtain the information they want from her.

What exactly is it that makes Lady Gaga such a compelling witness for Dr. Luke?

It all stems from a series of 2013 text messages between Lady Gaga and Kesha in which the two artists discuss Dr. Luke’s alleged inappropriate behavior. Kesha describes a sexual assault that she says had been committed upon her by Dr. Luke and goes further, calling the record producer a “serial rapist” in a follow-up text message.

Dr. Luke’s lawyers have previously expressed interest in obtaining those text messages. In response, Lady Gaga, referred to by her real name of Stefani Germanotta in court documents, supplied a four-page redacted printout of the messages. When asked why certain segments of the texts had been blocked out, Germanotta replied that the parts in question were unrelated.

Ms. Germanotta “has refused to remove the redactions, claiming that the redacted materials are irrelevant and address unspecified ‘private matters,'” said Jeffrey Movit, lawyer for Dr. Luke.

Kesha, Lady Gaga
Will Lady Gaga turn over Kesha's text messages? [Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]

Repeated requests for Lady Gaga to sit for a deposition have been met with responses from her own attorneys, describing a busy scheduled filled with acting schedules and concert dates. After making repeated offers to travel to her for the meetings, Dr. Luke’s lawyers have expressed feeling that all other options have been exhausted.

On August 8, the lawyers plan to ask a Manhattan judge to order Stefani Germanotta to appear for a deposition hearing.

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