‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 5 POV Competition Results, Paul Hatches A Sneaky Plan To Get Cody Evicted

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that there is tension between Cody Nickson and the rest of the BB19 house. Last night, two fights divided the houseguests. First, Cody argued with the HOH, Paul Abrahamian. They traded insults until Paul kicked him out of his room. Then, Josh Martinez nearly came to blows with Mark Jansen after he taunted him with verbal insults and banged a pot and pan in his face. Thankfully, Big Brother and Kevin Schlehuber stepped in before anyone got hurt in the physical fight.

To recap Week 5 so far, Paul nominated Cody and Jessica Graf for eviction. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul’s target is Cody. Just before the nomination ceremony, Jessica warned Paul not to nominate her or Cody, but Paul didn’t listen. She told him she won the final temptation, which protects her from eviction. Paul didn’t care; he nominated her, revealing that if she’s safe, then it really shouldn’t matter. However, Jessica didn’t see it that way. Cody and Jessica argued about the way he handled the confrontation with Paul. They broke things off for a few hours, only to end up back together.

While Cody was in the diary room, Christmas Abbott chatted with Jessica about her temptation. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that she urged Jessica to let Cody leave this week and use the temptation to save herself next week. Christmas explained that would give her two weeks to rebuild some of her alliances. Jessica seemed to, at the very least, consider Christmas’ idea.

Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Jason Dent and Alex Ow think Jessica is lying about the Halting Hex temptation. They don’t think Big Brother would give her weeks of safety this late in the season. They speculate that it should expire at Week 6’s eviction. The one detail they all agree on is that the temptation can only be used once. So, the idea of forcing Jessica to use it could be a good game move.

Before heading out to play in the POV competition, the plan was to win it to save Jason from the block. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul, Cody, Jessica, Jason, Kevin, and Raven Walton were picked to play in Week 5’s POV competition, with Christmas hosting the challenge.

After a four-and-half-hour competition, Paul won the POV. According to Big Brother Network, Paul said that he will use the power of veto to save Jason from eviction. Cody will be the one going home unless Jessica uses her Halting Hex temptation.

Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Paul plans to pull Jessica aside and drill her about the rules and stipulations of her temptation. He added he would “strongly” urge her not to use it and let Cody leave this week.

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Big Brother 19 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on CBS.