Jill Duggar Shares Cryptic Verse, Responds To Family Medical Emergency

Jill Duggar Dillard’s recent Instagram activity is a stark contrast to the time from before the birth of her second child. She recently responded to news of a medical emergency in the family but has kept fans in the dark about her health.

The second Duggar daughter posted a popular Bible verse to her Instagram and engaged her followers in a discussion. While many encouraged her to continue talking scripture on regular basis, some fans wondered about her health. The Duggars and Dillards have not shared details of Jill Duggar’s labor or subsequent c-section and have chosen not to speak about her health after the birth of Samuel Scott Dillard earlier this month. In the only image the Dillard family shared a week after the birth, fans can get a glimpse of a tired-looking Jill but cannot glean much else. The Biblical verses being shared by her these days also add to the anxiety.

A few days ago, she shared another verse that had fans convinced that both Jill and Samuel were unwell. Those fears were partially allayed the next day when the Counting On star posted a cute image of her son. While she has remained mum about her health, Jill incidentally responded to her sister-in-law Deana Dillard when the latter spoke about her medical emergency.

I realized today that most of my friends on here probably have no idea what's transpired since posting my yummy bowl of fruit that my husband made for me. You know how I often say that God is a god who answers prayers? I've even added that He's faithful to answer prayers that we didn't even know yet to pray. All of that has been proven in these last two weeks for me. Most of you know from my previous post that I had a kidney stone. Well after posting that bowl of fruit, I got really sick and went to the doctor that next Tuesday (as soon as they could get me in.) By the time I made it to the doctor he sent me straight to the hospital. I ended up staying in the hospital for two days and two nights. We didn't know anything to pray about the stone except that it would be removed. God knew better. I had a bad infection and it turns out that the stone was blocking the majority of the infection from entering my bloodstream, which would have sent me into sepsis. They ended up draining most of my infection, but unfortunately some of it did go into my blood, so I was pumped with antibiotics and kept on close watch. Dan was absolutely by my side for this whole process. I am so blessed to have him. Last Thursday, I was released from the hospital and stayed pretty sick all the way up until Tuesday of this week. I couldn't keep anything down. While I'm still very much in recovery, I am grateful to be alive and feeling much better. These bracelets represent all the interactions I've had with the hospital over these past two weeks. It'll take some time for me to get back to normal, but with each day I have more energy. So many have prayed for my recovery. God answered. Thank you for all of your support. We could continue to use the prayers as we have to deal with the stones in my right kidney next. God bless you all! #godanswersprayers #husbandsarethebest

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Deana’s post saw Jill respond, revealing that her health issues was stressful on the Dillard clan. Jill said she and her husband have been praying for her SIL.

“Awe! We’ve been praying for you! Hope you’re back to normal very quickly!”

Deana Dillard is married to Derick’s brother Daniel Dillard. The couple went on a trek with Derick and a heavily pregnant Jill last month. The two couples have also been seen at family occasions. Deana’s condition seems to have taken a turn for the worse after she consumed a bowl of fruit her husband prepared earlier this month.

Jill Duggar gave birth through c-section for the second time in July. Before she gave birth to Samuel Scott, fans had expressed concern as Jill was preparing to give birth at home, notwithstanding the increased risk of complications due to a previous c-section. Duggar births are usually featured on the family’s show but it remains to be seen if the arrival of Samuel Dillard will be shown on the next season of Counting On.

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