Bronx Man, 72, Shoots 28-Year-Old Wife In Face After She Claims He’s Broke And Bad In Bed

A Bronx couple’s argument over finances and other adult-themed woes ended with a 72-year-old man shooting his much younger wife in the face.

Dominque White, 28, was discovered sitting in her Glebe Ave. residence by the NYPD on Thursday with a bullet wound to her right cheek, according to writers for the Daily Mail.

The shooter, White’s elderly husband Clarence White, admitted to police on the scene that he fired the gun at his spouse as a result of a verbal dispute over the lack of money Mr. White was bringing into the household after losing his job recently — and his apparent inability to please his wife inside of their bedroom.

The Daily Mail reports the old man, who fathered three of Mrs. White’s children, told the truth about shooting his wife to police officers while still holding the literal smoking gun in his hand.

“I shot my wife,” White simply stated to the cops.

“White [then] told police he and his wife were arguing in the hours leading up to the shooting,” the New York Daily News continues.

“Money was tight after he lost his job. During the argument, his wife ordered him to move out.”

Mr. White reportedly followed through on his wife’s heated demand and headed off to pack his bags.

As he did, however, White took notice of a pistol that had been placed inside of a nightstand and “put it in his pocket,” the Daily News goes on to say.


Before exiting their shared home, White made one last attempt to clear the air and reconcile with the younger Dominque.

That’s when, as the Daily News reports, Mrs. White dropped a bombshell on her husband. Not only was she not happy with his monetary savings, but Clarence’s moves in the bedroom were, in her opinion, just as unsatisfactory.

“As he talked to her one last time, [Mrs. White told Clarence] he didn’t do anything for her in the sack or in her pocketbook,” the Daily News says.

The man then pulled the gun out of his pocket and opened fire, shooting his wife directly in the face.

man shoots wife
An argument over financial issues -- and issues in the bedroom -- led to a 72-year-old Bronx man shooting his wife, 28, in the face. [Image by cnythzl/iStock]

Pleading his case to police at his residence, Mr. White said that shooting Dominque was a complete accident and that he only meant to “scare” her.

“[Mr. White also] noted that he was the one who first called 911,” the Daily News adds, “[and] also gave his wife a towel to stop the bleeding, and did everything the 911 operator told him to do to care for Dominique as first responders arrived.”


Nevertheless, the man was still arrested for shooting his wife and was ultimately arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court on Friday on charges of attempted murder, assault, harassment, and weapons possession. Mrs. White was subsequently taken by ambulance to nearby Jacobi Hospital after being shot and is said to be in critical but stable condition.

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