Downton Abbey Cast Does Breaking Bad Skit On Colbert [Video]

Stephen Colbert has shown the world what it looks like when you mix a little Downton Abbey with your Breaking Bad.

The result is called Breaking Abbey.

The TV mash-up hit the airwaves Thursday night on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. The Clicker on Today writes that Colbert gave viewers a fictitious glimpse of scenes from the new season of AMC’s popular series Breaking Bad. Colbert’s version found the scenes amusingly reenacted by three actors from the hit British TV show Downton Abbey.

The four minute clip features cast members Rob James-Collier, Jim Carter, and Hugh Bonneville each reprising their Downton roles in some surprising situations reminiscent of those regularly found on the much edgier Breaking Bad.

The gentlemanly characters are seen engaging in activities such as the “black chamomile crank” business and dead body disposal. Lord Grantham even sports some facial hair similar to that of Bryan Cranston’s meth-cooking character Walter White.

The Washington Post reports that the cast of Downton Abbey have been in United States to promote the American debut of the show’s third season. Airing overseas earlier this year, it will be making its Stateside appearance January 6 on the PBS network.

If you need a little dose of Downton to tide you over until 2013, you can watch their Series 3 trailer here:

What do you think of Stephen Colbert blending Downton Abbey with Breaking Bad? Are you looking forward to the newest season of Downton Abbey?