Big Updates On The Upcoming WWE Schedules Of Brock Lesner, The Great Khali, Jim Ross, And Chris Jericho

Over the last few months, a number of big-time names have returned to WWE and it has generated a lot of excitement, but now, it’s time to see just how much they will be around. As always, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has a limited schedule, but he was recently added to a Monday Night Raw and will appear a good bit in the coming weeks. Others such as Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, and The Great Khali may end up being seen much more sparingly.

As SummerSlam approaches, the massive Fatal 4-Way for Lesnar’s title is going to result in him showing up a lot more often. Wrestling Inc. learned that the “Beast Incarnate” has been added to the August 7 episode of Monday Night Raw in Toronto which means he will be seen the majority of next month.

For now, Lesnar will have a number of appearances in the coming month:

  • Raw – July 31
  • Raw – Aug. 7
  • SmackDown Live house show – Aug. 12
  • Raw – Aug. 17
  • SummerSlam – Aug. 20
  • Raw – Aug. 28

As the top champion on Team Red is set to appear a lot more often on WWE television, there are a couple of returning superstars who won’t be seen nearly as much.

wwe news updates brock lesnar chris jericho jim ross great khali raw smackdown
[Image by WWE]

According to F4W Online, by way of Wrestling Inc., Chris Jericho’s return on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live may be the only time he is seen for a while. Right now, Jericho is not actually scheduled for any TV appearances or WWE Live Events whatsoever.

The Great Khali just returned at Battleground a week ago, but he also won’t be seen very often for WWE. Cageside Seats is reporting that he won’t return full-time at all, but he will make some additional appearances here and there as he is needed. Don’t look for him anytime soon, though, as Khali is not scheduled anymore right now at all.

Earlier this year, Jim Ross returned to WWE with a new contract and some new responsibilities, but the legendary announcer will still appear publicly for the company.

wwe news updates brock lesnar chris jericho jim ross great khali raw smackdown
[Image by WWE]

Ross was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he revealed that he is contracted to work 40 dates a year for WWE. The schedule works well for him and keeps him busy after the passing of his wife just a few months ago.

As WWE continues to try and build up their ratings for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, they are doing what they can to generate excitement. The unexpected returns of The Great Khali and Chris Jericho certainly had people talking, but neither superstar is expected back on a full-time basis right now. Jim Ross is going to be doing much more for WWE and Brock Lesnar is appearing more often, but there are some question marks as to their schedules after SummerSlam.

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