‘BB19’ Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests Kept Up All Night For Veto Comp, Drama Quieted, Have Nots Revealed

BB19 live feed spoilers suggest the houseguests are going to be very tired on Saturday (July 29). Week 5 of the Big Brother 19 season is underway, with Paul Abrahamian as the Head of Household. The BB19 cast members will be participating in a familiar Veto Competition a bit later in the day but had to stay up all night as announcements were made in the living room. Those clues will play an important part in being able to answer questions correctly and battle for the Power of Veto. It also kept the CBS live feeds interesting overnight.

There was a lot of studying that went on overnight, but the possibility exists that this Veto Competition could end up being meaningless. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the secret Temptation Competition was played on Friday (July 28), with Jason Dent coming in last place, making him the third nominee for the week. Mark Jansen also emerged as the winner, which led to a lot of drama on the live feeds, with the end result being that Paul was forced to nominate Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction.

So what happens next? There are going to be a number of new BB19 spoilers coming out over the next few hours, with the Veto results leading that list of important events. If Paul Abrahamian or one of his direct alliance members, like Alex Ow, can win the Power of Veto, then they will be able to keep the nominations the same. A possible best-case scenario for that alliance, though, would be for Jason Dent to win the Veto, save himself, and leave just Jessica and Cody on the block for the eviction vote.

The possibility is now there that Jessica will turn against Cody and not use the Halting Hex. If she wins the Veto and saves herself, she might decide that now is the time to simply (and officially) end the showmance and send him out the front door. That might help Jessica survive a bit longer in the BB19 house, because not only could she keep control of her temptation advantage, but she would distance herself from the drama that he has been bringing down on the rest of the cast since the first day of the season.

The entire BB19 cast is going to be exhausted on Saturday, not just because they were kept up all night learning clues and studying them, but also because of all the drama that transpired over the past 24 hours. While in-depth coverage is provided in a report by the Inquisitr, a summary is that Jessica and Cody may have broken up and the showmance Elena Davies and Mark Jansen did break up. Both former couples were trying to talk things out, though, so fences could be mended at some point.

Early Saturday, the Week 5 Have Nots were also revealed. A report by fan site Joker’s Updates states that Elena Davies, Christmas Abbott, Alex Ow, and Mark Jansen are suffering the punishment. It could be a rough week for the foursome, especially if they continue to get deprived of sleep and with the risk of drama surfacing again before the August 3 Eviction Ceremony. This should all create some very exciting Big Brother 19 episodes next week. Strap in, though, because more BB19 spoilers on the live feeds should be coming soon.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]