Jana Duggar Responsible For Siblings And Josh Duggar’s Kids As Jinger & Joy-Anna Get Married

All eyes are on Jana Duggar and whether she will be able to start courting this year. In the past few years, the eldest Duggar girl has witnessed her younger sisters find husbands and get married off. Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and now, Joy-Anna have all left the house to start their own families, which means that Jana has to bear the brunt of the responsibility concerning her siblings.

In the latest picture taken uploaded by the family, it looks like the 27-year-old Duggar takes care of not just her siblings, but her brother Josh Duggar’s kids as well. Meredith and Marcus were spotted in the photo, surrounded by their aunts and uncles, who are only a couple of years older than they are.

The fans have been commenting on how unfortunate it is to see Jana spending the good years of her life bound to family obligations.

“I feel so sad for Jana,” a fan wrote in the comment section.

“I’m sure she feels horrible seeing all her sisters getting married [and] moving out. The only sisters left are the young ones. And where are the parents to take care of their own kids? On vacation, that’s where they’re at.”

When this picture was taken, Jana’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were in Hawaii celebrating their wedding anniversary. They were able to take time away from their kids because their eldest daughter could watch the remaining kids that are not old enough to be married off.

But some fans noted that Jana may actually enjoy her position in the family, encouraging others to not jump to conclusions too quickly.

“Jana loves what she does,” Heather Lynn wrote. “She does have a life outside taking care of her siblings and says she is waiting for Mr. Perfect. Don’t judge people you actually don’t know anything about.”

Recently, the fans were also angered by another picture that the family uploaded on Facebook. It was a selfie that Jana took on what she planned to be a solo hike, but instead, overwhelmed by her siblings.

The fans noted how she never seems to get a moment to herself and that she constantly plays the role of the main caretaker.

But when she is not taking care of her siblings and her brother Josh Duggar’s kids, she likes to foster her gardening skills. She has quite the green thumb and has cultivated the family yard into an impressive garden, which harvests various vegetable as well as flowers.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]