Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wore A Green Dress, Quickly Regrets It Thanks To Internet Jokesters

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wore a green dress to a White House press briefing, and she’s [probably] regretting that decision thanks to the internet’s collective ability to not let a joke slide.

So what was Sanders’ mistake? Is it because of some quaint and outdated fashion rule that you can’t wear green after the 4th of July, or something? Is it because green isn’t flattering on Sarah?

No, it’s not any of that. It’s because the shade of green Sarah wore happens to be the exact shade of green used in chroma-keying, better known as green-screening. As New York Magazine reports, it’s the same technology that your local weather man uses to show you Live Doppler Radar Ten Thousand, or whatever. If you were to see the weather man in the studio, you’d see him standing and making gestures in front of a blank, green screen. But at home, thanks to some technology going on behind the scenes, the weather map is imposed onto the screen for the broadcast to your TV.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get fantastic images like this. Which, of course, the internet will then share over and over again until the joke has been beaten to death.

Needless to say, when Sarah wore her green dress, internet jokesters saw a golden opportunity to poke some fun at her failure to think things through. And poke fun they did.

In case you missed all of the subtlety in that video, there’s some war movie or something (if you recognize it, let us know in the comments), an old OK Go! video in there, the famed is-it-white-and-gold-or-blue-and-black dress from a couple of years ago, Rose and Jack’s famous dance scene from Titanic, and, in perhaps the most meta thing that ever happened, and infinite loop of the same thing being done to Sean Spicer’s green tie.

That’s right, Sean Spicer made that exact same mistake not long ago, and of course, the internet had fun with it then, too.

Hopefully, Sara Huckabee Sanders will think twice about wearing green outfits at future White House press briefings.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP]