New ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8 Series Regular Might Replace Scott Caan As Alex O’Loughlin Partner

CBS may have found a way to ease the pain of losing Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park but is it possible that the network has also decided to allow Scott Caan to spend more time in LA? There are speculations that Hawaii Five-0 has found a new partner for Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett.

Fans have certainly noticed that Scott Caan only appeared sporadically in the previous season of Hawaii Five-0 while co-stars Kim and Park continued to be a major part of the series. The absence has even led people to wonder whether Danny will no longer return in Season 8.

Things changed drastically when Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were confirmed to leave the show when CBS failed to offer them equal pay as O’Loughlin and Caan. With Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua out of the picture, it might not be a good idea for Danny to continue being absent from a majority of the episodes.

So does this mean Scott Caan will no longer be one of the main cast in Hawaii Five-0 Season 8? The actor is still confirmed to reprise his role in the upcoming season. However, fans believe that CBS has decided to give McGarrett a new partner in the series.

TVLine has already confirmed that Ian Anthony Dale will be promoted as series regular in Hawaii Five-0. Dale, who portrays Kono’s husband Adam, is expected to be a huge part of the storyline. Some even believe that Adam might even be an important addition to Five-0 that McGarrett fully trusts. But could he possibly replace Danno as McGarrett’s partner?

Fans believe Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) could become McGarrett's new partner in 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 8. [Image by Chris Frawley/Getty Images]

There are speculations that Scott Caan might be hoping for an excuse to spend more time with his family in LA and only appear in a few episodes this September. To make up for his absence, the show could set Ian Anthony Dale’s Adam as McGarrett’s new partner by the end of the eighth season.

Alex O'Loughlin might get a new partner in 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 8. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

There is no confirmation yet whether Danno will resign as McGarrett’s partner or if Adam will play a larger role in the series. Hawaii Five-0 will finally premiere on CBS on September 29.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]