Michael Jarvis: Indiana Man Allegedly Killed Dr. Todd Graham For Not Prescribing His Wife Opioids

Michael Jarvis, a 48-year-old Indiana man, allegedly shot Dr. Todd Graham dead before turning the gun on himself, due to the doctor supposedly refusing to prescribe opioids to his wife.

A report from the South Bend Tribune stated that the shooting took place on Wednesday morning at around 10:45 a.m., as Jarvis’ wife, Petra, was having her doctor’s appointment. Petra was described as a first-time patient and was reportedly informed by the doctor at the appointment that Graham could not prescribe opioids as pain medication.

According to St. Joseph County prosecutor Ken Cotter, Michael Jarvis asked “what we ask our doctors to do.” The Indiana man and his wife were then told that doctors aren’t supposed to “over-prescribe opioids to their patients.”

At approximately 1 p.m., Michael Jarvis drove back to the Mishawaka, Indiana, medical complex where Dr. Todd Graham worked, without his wife around or being aware of what was going on. Police reports state that Jarvis got into a “brief argument” with the doctor in the parking lot. The reports added that Jarvis “told two witnesses to leave the scene” before firing twice at Graham’s head and killing him.

After allegedly killing Graham, Jarvis headed to his friend’s house in a red Dodge Neon and “gave them indication that he was not going to be around.” Police were called to the scene, where they saw that Jarvis was dead outside the home, having apparently shot himself twice.


According to the State Journal-Register, Dr. Todd Graham was a native of Athens, Illinois, and graduated from the Northwestern University School of Medicine. He had been based in the South Bend area for 30 years, practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is survived by his wife, Julie, and children Travis, Elena, and Jacqueline.

In his obituary page on the Palmer Funeral Homes website, Graham was described as a family-centered man who was “extremely enthusiastic” about his three children, and a “devout” husband to his wife.

“He was extremely enthusiastic about his children and would never hesitate to tell them as well as a stranger how proud he was of them. As a father, he gave the best advice and always encouraged his children to pursue their education. He shared the best advice with his friends as well and made sure they knew how important they were to him.”

Michael Jarvis, the Indiana man accused of killing Dr. Todd Graham, was reportedly employed by the University of Notre Dame, wrote the South Bend Tribune. On the staff directory, Jarvis is listed as being employed in “football parking, parking services access, on call seasonal greens-keeping, (and) golf course operations.” Jarvis’ wife Petra also appears in the directory, where she is listed as a dining room server at the university’s Morris Inn.

This was confirmed by a statement from Notre Dame spokesman Paul Brown, who said that a Michael Jarvis did work for the South Bend, Indiana university as an on-call, part-time parking attendant and groundskeeper.

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