Rihanna Claps Back At ‘Too Fat’ Trolls With Video And Sexy Instagram Pics That Flaunt Her Thick, Curvy Body

Rihanna has sent out notice that she read the nasty comments of those fat-shaming trolls about her thick, curvy body by responding in the perfect way. Clapping back at the haters who are telling her to diet, Rihanna flaunted her beautiful curves in a series of sexy new Instagram photos. And just in case they still didn’t get the message, the songstress’s fans showed off her disdain for dieting by turning the spotlight on her fondness for food.

Just like the film Dirty Dancing, when a character announces that “nobody puts Baby in a corner,” Rihanna and her loyal fans have a message for those who have been mocking the singer’s weight gain: Nobody calls Rihanna fat or tells her to diet.

After a fan shared a throwback Instagram video in which Rihanna is purchasing tasty Cheetos and Apple Jacks cereal, the singer clapped back at the body shaming trolls in the comment section, noted the Daily Mail.

“Somebody called me too fat?”

Hitting back verbally at the Internet trolls who have continued to fat shame Rihanna on her Instagram posts, the singer’s followers shared a variety of supportive comments. The caption of the throwback video in which Rihanna is buying snacks made it clear that the video was intended as a clap-back at the body-shaming haters.

“Everybody who calling rob too fat @mdollas11 telling you what to do in this video K!! #mindyourown #eatallyouwant @badgalriri i got you,” read the caption.

The reference to Rob reflects Rihanna’s birth name, Robyn Fenty. And while it was a fan page that showcased the video, Rihanna herself responded in the comments by mocking the body-shaming trolls who had called her “too fat.” To show that her reaction was mockery, the singer added three emojis of a face crying from laughing so intensely.

Rihanna has always been open about her views on her body. In 2012, she famously shared that she was attempting to put on pounds after the hard training she endured to prep for her role in Battleship.

Rihanna claps back at Instagram trolls who tell her she's too fat.
Rihanna claps back at Instagram trolls who tell her she's too fat. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

“I’m not careful with what I eat because I’m trying to gain weight. Just a little bit. It’s a little too far now,” she declared.

Now, in 2017, however, some internet trolls are insisting that Rihanna went too far in the other direction, telling her to diet or informing her, as one body-shaming Instagram follower did, that she is becoming overweight.

Rihanna and her fans are reacting to Internet body shamers.
Rihanna and her fans are reacting to Internet body shamers. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Clara Lionel Foundation]

“You’re getting fat…@badgalriri.”

But others disagreed. One told the singer that she looked “better than before,” while others used adjectives such as “beautiful” and “gorgeous” to describe her.

“Rihanna you look so good with your curves its so beautiful❤❤i like that you are yourself,” wrote one fan.

Twitter followers also had a mixture of comments on Rihanna’s curvy body. One compared her to Queen Bey, tweeting that being thick is replacing the trend of skinny celebrities.

“beyoncé and rihanna are both team thick… which means being skinny is officially cancelled.”

Others agreed, sharing their enthusiasm for Rihanna “getting thick.” One proclaimed that “thick Rihanna” ranks as the “favorite” version of the singer. But then there were those who contend that her weight gain has put her into the category of “fat” rather than thick.

“Rihanna getting fat, not thick. Y’all stupid as hell,” wrote one Twitter commentator.

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]