‘Vikings’ Season 5: Alex Høgh Andersen Reveals Ivar’s Mindset In The Fight Against Ubbe

It looks like conflict will be a huge part of Vikings Season 5. The show’s new trailer was recently revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and it confirms that Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons will be fighting each other when the series returns to History this fall.

But is there another reason why Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe are on opposite sides of the upcoming civil war in Vikings Season 5? Alex Høgh Andersen has stated that Ragnar’s crippled son is not too eager to go up against his brothers in battle. Nevertheless, certain consequences could drive Ivar to make yet another ill-advised decision in the future.

Alex Høgh Andersen recently spoke to TV Guide at the San Diego Comic-Con where he shared some insight on how Ivar is feeling after he accidentally killed Sigurd in the previous season finale. The Danish actor stated that the youngest Lothbrok “really hates himself” and realizes “he screwed up big time and he knows it.”

Andersen was then asked if Ivar the Boneless would fight his eldest brother Bjorn Ironside in Vikings Season 5. Interestingly, he pointed out that Ivar will reconsider so he and Bjorn could “settle down with each other” since “they will probably end up killing each other.”

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) might not fight each other in ‘Vikings’ Season 5.
[Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images][/caption]

It is comforting to know that Ivar is not eager to wage war against Bjorn, but is it possible that he has no problem taking on Ubbe in Vikings Season 5? The SDCC trailer suggests that Ubbe is already plotting against his younger brother by teaming up with Lagertha. Ivar is even shown confronting Ubbe and declaring that he will kill their mother’s murderer.

The civil war might be the highlight of the fifth season, but there is little doubt that Ivar the Boneless will be the center of the storyline. Some believe that Ivar’s actions in the previous season will lead to the major battle in Season 5. It certainly looks like Alex Høgh Andersen’s crippled Northman is the one who will replace Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lothbrok as the true leader of Kattegat.

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) had previously chosen Ivar the Boneless to be his successor in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]

Will Ivar the Boneless manage to kill Lagertha to avenge Aslaug? Will another Lothbrok son die soon? Vikings Season 5 will premiere on History on November 29.

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