‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates, Mark Jansen Apologizes To ‘BB19’ Cast, Jessica And Cody Make Up?

Big Brother 19 spoilers continue to come from the live feeds. One of the shocking moments for the BB19 cast may have been when Mark Jansen apologized to Josh Martinez for the “pickle juice incident” and told him that he could continue the night of torment. That piece of information was shared in a report by fan site Joker’s Updates, which was partly in response to Josh banging pots and pans for most of the late afternoon and early evening hours to get a rise out of Mark, Cody Nickson, and Jessica Graf.

It was a really long day in the BB19 house on Friday (July 28), packed with dramatic moments, the Temptation Competition, and the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony. There was enough drama to fill an additional episode next week, but producers will have to slim it down to just enough footage to fill Sunday (July 30), Wednesday (August 2), and Thursday (August 3). And that doesn’t even count the Veto Competition, Veto Ceremony, or Eviction Ceremony.

Just before midnight Pacific time, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were back to kissing. Cody even told Jessica that he loved her, mending a broken showmance that seemed doomed earlier in the evening. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the houseguests participated in the Temptation Competition earlier on Friday, which was part of the curse from when Jessica accepted the Halting Hex. This created a lot of additional drama in the BB19 house, with the competition providing quite a few Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans of the show.

To summarize what took place, Cody opted to not play the competition, Mark Jansen won it, and Jason Dent finished last place. Due to those results, Mark is now safe from eviction this week and Jason has become the third nominee for eviction. When the results were announced, Cody regretted not playing in the competition because everyone in the house knew that he was about to get nominated for eviction himself. It was confirmed when Paul Abrahamian nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction at the Nomination Ceremony.

Cody and Mark both “blew up” on the house, with Mark very ticked off that Josh was picking on him and Cody equally perturbed that he had been nominated. He also began verbally attacking nearly everyone in the BB19 house, claiming that he was doing it for Jessica. Jessica began distancing herself from Cody during that whole mess, but hours later, they could be seen kissing and making up on the live feeds. As for what happens next with the showmance, a report by Joker’s Updates relayed what Jessica had to say to Cody.

“Jess tells Cody she fell for him in the house, but doesn’t know what will happen after this. Cody says he’s the same person inside and out. Jess says she can’t get behind the aggression. Cody says he’ll always be aggressive. Jess says you’re picking aggression over me? Cody says he can’t make her happy.[sic]”

There were more Big Brother 19 spoilers after that conversation, as Jessica Graf began making out with Cody Nickson and then laying out the plan she wants to carry out in the game. Jessica wants to play for the Power of Veto, win another competition, and then use the Halting Hex. If she does use the Halting Hex at the Eviction Ceremony, it will cancel the eviction for the week. That will remove the power from the game and the houseguests will then begin a new HOH Competition, with Paul Abrahamian sitting it out.

Mark Jansen didn’t limit his apology tour to just Josh Martinez, as he took the time to go around the BB19 house and apologize to anyone he had yelled at or treated rudely. That included Elena Davies, who he had been fighting with after he lost his temper on Friday. It’s unclear if the Elena and Mark showmance will be able to survive, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Mark (yet).

The final Big Brother 19 spoilers to focus on from early Saturday morning (July 29) are that Paul Abrahamian, Elena Davies, and Christmas Abbott approached Jessica Graf about not using her Halting Hex. They want her to help make sure that Cody Nickson gets evicted and that this would allow her to keep the power for another week. She doesn’t seem very keen on that idea, as this trio has lied to her in the past. It would certainly lead to a shocking episode on Thursday night if she simply allowed Cody to get sent home.

While the overall drama in the BB19 house has calmed down a bit now, there are cracks in the foundation of nearly every alliance now, with the exception of the showmance between Raven Walton and Matt Clines. It had seemed like this could be a boring weekend due to the obvious nominations of Jessica and Cody and the end result of the Halting Hex getting used to basically reset the week. Instead, there is drama around every corner, with more likely to come during the Veto Competition on Saturday.

Will Mark Jansen and Elena Davies convince Jessica Graf to not use the Halting Hex? Will the showmance between Cody and Jessica continue after their latest make-out session and exchange of apologies? Has all this drama allowed Paul Abrahamian to fly under the radar while still holding all the power in the game? Stay tuned fans because it’s going to be a bumpy ride this weekend with many more Big Brother 19 spoilers ready to get presented on the live feeds.

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