‘BB19’ Spoilers: Two Showmances Are On The Rocks As A Big Move Shakes The Houseguests

BB19 fans know that showmances are usually huge targets in the Big Brother house. The other houseguests want them split up as quickly as possible because they are partners. Each of the players involved is another shot at winning a competition, casting the same votes for eviction, and having each other’s back in general. There is strength in numbers in Big Brother.

This season, fans have seen so much drama in BB19 that no one has had a chance to worry about breaking up a showmance. Each week there has been a plan to execute, and another houseguest that is more of a threat than any member of one of the three showmances that were in the Big Brother house. By leaving the couples alone, the other houseguests have actually given them the chance to implode, rather than evicting one of them.

Mark and Elena, known as “Marlena,” have had a strange relationship from the beginning. Joker’s Updates has had numerous reports of Elena rubbing on other male houseguests and even reported on a very lewd statement she made to Paul. Instead of her questionable actions being the reason the two are calling things off, it is Mark who has crossed the line. When Mark and Josh had the condiment-throwing incident, Elena wanted to be as far away from the fallout as possible. Once Josh survived the eviction and Paul became HOH, Josh picked up his pots and pans to once again disrupt the entire house. He has also spent a lot of time ranting at Mark, trying to get a reaction. Couple all of this with the shock of being on the outside of the in-crowd, and Elena is ready to go solo in the Big Brother house. Mark is on the same page, so the split is amicable.

As for Jessica and Cody, Jessica has had her game blown up twice already, due to her connection to Cody. All of the BB19 houseguests have told Jessica that they have no problem with her in the game, but as long as she is Team Cody, she is a threat. Jessica continues to be upset about being lied to by the Big Brother houseguests over their votes in the last eviction. She is seeing that Cody isn’t so good for her game.


Cody sees that he is hurting Jessica as well. He had a talk with Elena and Mark individually about how much better Jessica would be in the BB19 game without him in the house. Cody told Elena that he and Mark were both hindering their game, and they would benefit from teaming up after the guys are voted out. He had the flip side of that conversation with Mark when he told him the girls would be better off without them.


Jessica and Cody could be at the end of their relationship after the events of the evening. The emotional outburst of Cody’s personal comments toward Paul was more than Jessica could stand. She remembers that they are playing a game and could not agree that a personal attack was acceptable. Cody just keeps doing things that hurts their chances in the Big Brother house.

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