Miranda Lambert Didn’t Want A Blake Shelton Breakup Album, But Won’t Take Pain For Granted

It’s been two years since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got divorced, but the exes will remain connected because of their songs. During a recent interview with Billboard, the 33-year-old singer confessed that she didn’t want a breakup album.

However, there were moments wherein she had a hard time controlling her emotions. The Pistol Annies member remained quiet after her marriage ended with the 41-year-old country superstar. She decided to let her record do all the talking.

“If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there. There’s no mystery anymore — take from it what you will,” she said.

After news of her divorce from Blake blew up on social media, Miranda reportedly walked into the studio and co-wrote “Vice” with Shane McAnally. The songwriter said that sometimes you can tell that people are ready to let off some steam and that’s what he probably noticed when working with the Pistol Annies member.

“I just knew one thing: I didn’t want a breakup record,” Lambert said.

“I was like, ‘Let’s feel it all,'” she said emphatically. “I was ready to have the days where I can’t even stand up and the days where I’m celebrating.”

Blake Shelton kisses Miranda Lambert

According to Brandy Clark, who co-wrote “Mama’s Broken Heart,” Lambert could have written a whole man-hating record after she got divorced from Blake Shelton. However, she chose to be vulnerable and honest with her songs. He claimed that she is strong for choosing that path for her record.

“I’m more known for my fiery personality and my confidence, but that’s not me all the time,” Miranda said. “I won’t look at things ever again in the same light, because different things in your life bring you to a deeper level with yourself. I won’t take pain for granted anymore.”

Miranda has since grown and matured after her relationship with Blake ended. It probably has got to do with her environment as well. While she was still married to Shelton, Lambert confessed that she had a hard time writing a song for a commercial because she had no social life having lived in a small town in Oklahoma. Now that she’s back home, she goes out to bars, watch shows, and hangs out with the girls on her porch writing songs.

“I barely got it out, and I was like, ‘Man, I need some fuel. I have to go fall in love with it again.’ So Nashville does that for me,” she said.

Miranda Lambert and boyfriend Anderson East
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During a guest appearance at Delilah radio show, Lambert explained why some people have a love/hate relationship with “Tin Man.” The blonde singer claimed that sometimes you have to be reminded of the bad times including her divorce from Shelton, so you can stay strong. Miranda further explained that the biggest blessing of the pain is the reward afterward.

“It’s the kind of song that makes you feel everything — even if you don’t want to,” Lambert said. “It’s so therapeutic, right? That’s what music does. It gets you through it. Then you can feel it and then turn on something really happy.”

Miranda Lambert may not have wanted a breakup album, but all the pain she went through including her divorce from Blake Shelton can be heard in some of her songs. However, there are also positive songs in her album The Weight of These Wings including “Pushin’ Time,” which features her boyfriend Anderson East. According to Fox News, the rhythm and blues singer provided harmonies for his girlfriend’s ballad that talked about a couple resisting and finally giving into their feelings. Listen to Miranda’s love song “Pushin’ Time” below.

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