Kathy Griffin Is ‘Completely Exonerated’ For Beheaded Donald Trump Photos

Kathy Griffin has finally been “completely exonerated” for the photos that she had done where she looked like she had beheaded Donald Trump. In those pictures, Kathy was seen holding what appeared to be Donald’s bloody head and she didn’t seem to understand what she did that upset people with these photos. Yahoo! shared the details about her being cleared.

Kathy actually went to her Twitter account to share the news about her being cleared. She shared saying, “TODAY. The @AP has to clarify. I am no longer under federal investigation. The case is closed, I have been completely exonerated. Finally.” Under this post on her Twitter, she shared a picture from AP that shared that she is no longer facing jail time for the Donald Trump photos.

Fans are responding to her posts and some are saying they feel like she did nothing wrong at all. Some are telling her that she is lucky that she didn’t get in trouble. It seems like there are a lot of varying opinions on this one.

When this all went down, Kathy Griffin did lose her job hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve party. Her friend, Anderson Cooper, even said that he wasn’t a fan of the pictures. He called them “disgusting.” Months after the photos were released, the Secret Service actually interviewed Kathy Griffin about the photos. They talked to her in person for over an hour so that they could get her side of what these pictures meant. The famous photographer, Tyler Shields, took the pictures for her. Tyler is known for taking wild and controversial pictures.

A few times since then, Kathy Griffin has hinted that she was still under investigation. There was no word on what could end up happening to her, but she finally shared today that she was cleared. Regardless, Kathy lost a few fans over this picture shoot.

Now that this investigation is over, Kathy can move on from it and just go on with her life. Some people will never forget it and others don’t care about the photos. Kathy did finally apologize for the pictures.


Are you shocked to hear that Kathy Griffin has been cleared for these photos? Do you think this was the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.


[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]