‘BB19’ Rumors: Cody Nickson Reveals What He Is Doing With His Stipend, As He Talks About Being Evicted Again

BB19 fans tuned into the live feeds tonight and heard Cody Nickson discussing his plans for his stipend. Being on the block after only one week back in the Big Brother house has him thinking, and it isn’t all positive. BB19 superfans learned last year the Battle Back isn’t popular with the Big Brother houseguests. Victor Arroyo had to battle back in twice to end up evicted a total of three times. When a houseguest is evicted, usually the remaining houseguests don’t have a lot of regret for removing one more person from their path to the $500,000 prize. Cody Nickson is learning that tidbit the hard way, however.

Joker’s Updates reported that Cody was talking to Mark when he talked about winning the Power of Veto and taking Jessica off the block. His thought is that she will not need to use the hex if it is him facing eviction rather than her. Cody shared with Mark that he doesn’t care if he is evicted again because he has made enough to get his truck fixed.

Cody Nickson is a 32-year-old construction sales rep that lives in Plano, Texas. He has a 5-year-old daughter that he co-parents with his ex. Cody has spoken of how much he misses her several times. He would have spent the summer with her if he hadn’t entered the Big Brother house. He made the sacrifice to have the chance to win the grand prize, giving his daughter opportunities he wouldn’t be able to offer her as a door-to-door salesman.

Cody Nickson entered the Big Brother house with the plan to win the first HOH, and use the week to open communication with the rest of the BB19 cast. He was the first HOH, but he didn’t have much of a social game. By the end of the first week, he alienated the majority of the house by doing exactly what he wanted, no matter what anyone thought. While it is true that he had to name five different houseguests for the block in order to get to an eviction, less damage resulted from this than him going rogue when naming nominees.



Cody seems on the brink of an emotional breakdown. He knows that Jessica has a better chance in the BB19 house than he does, and he is hurting her game. This time the damage may be more than the two can overcome together. Jessica knows that Cody isn’t the one to be associated with in BB19, and that bothers him too. Combine all of this with the stress of missing his daughter, and it is understandable why Cody is ready to take his truck-repair money and head back to Texas.

Are you watching the unraveling of Cody’s game on the live feeds? What do you think of Cody and Jessica’s actions since nominations? Do you think the hex will be used this week? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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