‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Are Jessica Graf, ‘BB19’ Cast Quickly Becoming Despised Or Loved By Fans?

Big Brother 19 rumors point to a specific level of disdain for Jessica Graf from fans of the show. The BB19 cast is also receiving that negative publicity through the first month of the summer 2017 season. The combination of having a returning houseguest like Paul Abrahamian with several unpopular new houseguests had led to quite a few negative comments on social media. But it’s not all bad, as the Big Brother 19 ratings continue to climb, so it’s also possible that the detractors on Twitter don’t speak for everyone.

While Jessica has made some unpopular moves and had been near the bottom of most early-season fan polls, she certainly has some support around the country. People in America did vote for her to have the third temptation, which allows her to completely shake up the game. This means some people like her. It could also be the case that fans like to root for a villain, which some fans feel she has become to deal with a showmance with Cody Nickson and an enemy in Josh Martinez.

In a new poll from fan site Joker’s Updates, it certainly appears that Jessica Graf is finding more and more support from viewers. This would definitely contradict statements on Twitter from some fans saying that “nobody likes her.” This is the same poll that had Jessica ranked as the worst houseguest for nine straight days earlier in the season. It showcases how a lot of viewers and live feed subscribers started rooting for her when she finally began playing the game on her own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Head of Household Paul Abrahamian has his nominations for eviction this week, providing some Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans who want to read about his decisions. The article also discusses whether or not Jessica Graf is going to have to use the Halting Hex this week and take full advantage of the power that America gave her this season.

While Jessica may have a tough road to the $500,000 prize this season, past contestants have been able to win without fan support. Maggie Ausburn won Big Brother 6, but was generally disliked by a lot of viewers. Maggie was in a season where there were a lot of fan-favorites in the Big Brother cast, like Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, Ashlea Evans, Howie Gordon, and Kaysar Ridha. Maggie was the last one standing so could Jessica find a way to do the same thing?

A report by entertainment site TV Series Finale states that the Big Brother 19 ratings have never been better. The show hit a high-water mark for eviction episodes on Thursday night, July 27, when an estimated 6.3 million viewers tuned in. That followed the Wednesday night episode, July 26, where an estimated 6.35 million viewers watched on CBS. Even the Sunday night episodes are finding success, with roughly 6 million viewers tuning in every week.

Keeping those numbers in mind, it would seem that many of the Big Brother 19 rumors about fans turning against the cast may have been grossly exaggerated. There are a lot of reasons that viewers may be tuning in to CBS, including the three different showmances, cast members with a lot of personality, or even the split BB19 house that has created a lot of surprises. Those surprises haven’t been limited to just the live feed subscribers either, as production has held back a lot of information to present during the TV episodes.

Is it possible that the showmance of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson could eventually team up with Paul Abrahamian to take on the rest of the BB19 house? While that would almost seem like a scripted version of the show, it would certainly get people excited to watch the live feeds to see what happens next. There are certainly going to be fans who don’t like the new cast, but it appears that the show is drawing in a lot of people from the peripheral. If that continues, the next round of Big Brother rumors could include Season 21 getting picked up.

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