NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints- Put a beat down on the Giants to claim the top spot

2. Denver Broncos- I, as well as others, owe this team an apology

3. Indianapolis Colts- after the bye they get the hapless Rams

4. Minnesota Vikings- A tough test coming in Pittsburgh

5. New York Giants- Their defense will be tested again by the Cardinals

6. Cincinnati Bengals- I still cannot believe how good they are playing

7. New England Patriots- Off to London, but what a performance last week

8. Atlanta Falcons- So far their defense has been excellent in the red zone

9. Pittsburgh Steelers- trending up, and a win against the Vikings will prove they are still an elite team

10. Chicago Bears- They have to beat the Bengals

11. Green Bay Packers- shut out the Lions, but questions remain

12. Baltimore Ravens- they have lost three straight heading into their bye week

13. Dallas Cowboys- In their bye week all their divisional foes lost

14. San Diego Chargers- Can the escape the early season hole they have dug

15. Philadelphia Eagles- They haven’t beat a team that is above .500, Raiders loss stings

16. San Francisco 49ers- Crabtree will start, that may be a good thing

17. Miami Dolphins- Trending up, but now they get the Saints

18. New York Jets- Sanchez finally looked like a rookie QB

19. Arizona Cardinals- They may be better than the credit they get

20. Houston Texans- Matt Schaub is hot and dangerous

21. Jacksonville Jaguars- 3-3 at their bye week

22. Seattle Seahawks- They have a lot to address in their bye week

23. Carolina Panthers- The more they rely on DeAngelo Williams they better they will be

24. Buffalo Bills- Is it time for Ryan Fitzpatrick to get a chance?

25. Oakland Raiders- The beat the Eagles, can they beat the Jets?

26. Detroit Lions- This is a team going nowhere

27. Kansas City Chiefs- if only they could play the Redskins every week

28. Cleveland Browns- Talk about offensively starved

29. Tennessee Titans- Vince Young deserves another chance

30. Tamp Bay Buccaneers- Off to London, catch the sights because this is likely a blow out in the making

31. Washington Redskins- They need to fire Jim Zorn already

32. St. Louis Rams- They sure look like a 0-16 team