‘General Hospital’ Character Leak? Update On Steve Burton’s Return, Not Jason Morgan After All?

The excitement of having Steve Burton back on General Hospital is building. He has been on set filming his first scenes, but no one yet knows just what character he will be playing. Viewers are thinking that he would be returning as Jason Morgan. However, the soap may be going in a completely different direction. A GH script was posted on Twitter on Friday that may just give a clue as to who Burton will be coming back as.

Whether it was meant to be leaked or not, the General Hospital script has been seen by fans and it is now getting around that there is a new name listed on the sheet. On the left side is a list of the characters who are on set that day filming. All of the names are quite familiar to GH viewers, except for one. There is a Dr. Andy near the bottom and he is someone that is not currently part of the cast of characters in Port Charles.

That clue has fans buzzing that Dr. Andy is the new character that Steve Burton will be playing, not Jason Morgan. At least it may not be in the beginning of his story line. This all could tie into Jason’s past to when he was young. He wanted to be a doctor until the car accident happened that changed his whole life. He ended up becoming a hitman for the mob working alongside Sonny Corinthos.

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If Burton does return to General Hospital wearing scrubs instead of a black T-shirt and jeans, he could very well be the one who comes in to treat Sam Morgan. Wouldn’t that be a twist? If this script really is leaking his new character’s name, that would be a tremendous surprise, unless that name was added in there to throw people off. Or there could be another new character introduced in addition to Steve Burton.

Many General Hospital fans were really hoping for Burton to return as the real Jason, the “Stone Cold” version of him. If he will be introduced as this Dr. Andy, there is still the possibility that he will turn out to be Jason Morgan but doesn’t know it. After all, he did spend time with Helena Cassadine. She could have wiped out his memory. Is this all a part of Helena’s curse put on Sam?


The Morgans are going through a lot right now. Sam almost lost baby Scout, having to give birth under a bridge. Now she is lying in a coma, possibly because of that incident. She has contracted toxoplasmosis and will need plenty of medical attention. She may be lying in her hospital bed for a while until this new doctor comes in. If this scenario comes true, it will be interesting to see if his face will be recognized as the old Jason’s face. His loved ones could be in for a shock if the Jason they remember walks into General Hospital as a doctor.

Of course, this is all just speculation right now. It has not been confirmed whether this Dr. Andy will be who Steve Burton will be playing or not. This name may not have anything at all to do with him. The actor had teased fans with a photo of himself as Jason Morgan. That seemed to suggest that he would be returning as his old character. Maybe he is, but then he may just be Dr. Andy instead. Or he could be both.

There should be more teasers coming leading up until Steve Burton makes his General Hospital comeback. Do you think he will be a doctor this time around?

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