‘BB19’ Spoilers: Temptation Competition Results Are In, Paul Abrahamian’s HOH Nominations Ready On Live Feeds

BB19 spoilers from Friday (July 28) now include who won the Temptation Competition. This will shape how the BB19 cast reacts for the rest of the weekend and it has a direct impact on who Head of Household Paul Abrahamian has decided to nominate for eviction. The CBS live feeds were off for most of the afternoon but came back on just in time for viewers to see Elena Davies congratulating Mark Jansen on winning the special competition.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this Temptation Competition was a “curse” that was put in place after Jessica Graf accepted the Halting Hex. The winner of the competition was granted safety for the week, while the last place finisher would become the third nominee for eviction. By Mark Jansen winning the prize, he is now safe for the week, taking away a potential target for HOH Paul Abrahamian.

It was Jason Dent who finished last in the competition, putting him up on the block in what could be a rough week for him. Jason may soon find out who is in a true alliance with him and whether or not he really does have safety during the next Eviction Ceremony. Jason does feel that Raven Walton wants him out of the BB19 house, which is what he told Alex Ow in a conversation that just took place.

There had been a number of Big Brother 19 rumors about the special Temptation Competition taking place on Friday and they have now been confirmed by the cast members themselves. There are mixed emotions in the house based on the results and it is clear that Paul seems a bit worried about what might come next. He is ready to go with his original idea of nominating Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction, whether they have the power to save themselves or not.

It was previously reported by the Inquisitr that Paul was considering calling the “bluff” of Jessica, especially after she stated that her new “power” would keep Cody safe as well. It didn’t make sense to many of the houseguests, as Cody wasn’t in the BB19 house when Jessica received the secret power from America. She has been very dishonest when it comes to details about the Halting Hex, so this is a way for Paul to flush it out in the open. The worst case scenario would only be Jessica using up her power too early and the house stays the same.

These Big Brother 19 spoilers certainly paint an interesting picture for how the house will progress over the next 24 hours. Paul Abrahamian will announce his nominations for eviction and then the six participants will play for the Power of Veto. It hasn’t been revealed what might happen if Jason Dent wins the Veto and takes himself off the block, as production could either replace him with the next lowest finisher in the competition or simply fall back to two nominations at risk of going home for the week.

To summarize what has taken place during a busy Friday (July 28) in the house, Mark Jansen won the Temptation Competition to acquire safety for the week and Jason Dent came in last place to become the third nominee. That leaves Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson as the two nominees for eviction that Paul Abrahamian will reveal, setting into motion a chain of events that will end with the BB19 cast seeing the Halting Hex go into action. Many more Big Brother 19 spoilers will come out of the house on Saturday (July 29).

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]