Madonna Accepts Damages For A ‘Serious Invasion Of Privacy’

It was just a week ago that Madonna publicly objected to the auctioning of those Tupac Shakur love letters and now the Queen of Pop is involved in another invasion of privacy. This time, however, it has nothing to do with her past affairs. She has been pursuing the adoption of twin girls from Malawi and a report published by British news outlet Daily Mail Online has endangered that process.

Madonna And Her Twin Daughters Accept An Offer For Damages

While the specific amount hasn’t been publicly disclosed, USA Today reports that Madonna and the 4-year-old girls have accepted a sum for damages offered by Associated Newspapers, the parent company of Daily Mail Online. The compensation is being remitted for committing a “serious invasion of privacy” in relation to the adoption of Stella and Estere.

While the adoption was finalized in February, Madonna filed a suit against Daily Mail Online in London’s High Court over an intrusive article that was published in January of this year. Solicitor Jenny Afia, representing Madonna and the twins, told Justice Davies that the article revealed personal information about Stella and Estere, introducing “considerable personal distress and anxiety” into a situation that was already an emotionally wrought process.

In January, as Madonna was pursuing the adoption of her daughters, Daily Mail Online published details about the girls, including their names, race, and age. The article also revealed the name and location of the Malawi orphanage, where Stella and Estere were living.

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Madonna Was Outraged That More Thought Wasn’t Given To The Situation

According to The Guardian, Ms. Afia stated in court that the article was published at the worst possible time for Madonna, because she was unable to protect her daughters from the consequences of the public release of that information. The solicitor added that Daily Mail Online personnel should have recognized that and withheld the story.

“Their actions could, in her view, have threatened the integrity and/or outcome of the adoption process which would have had potentially life-changing implications for the girls, as well as for Madonna and her family,” explained Ms. Afia.

In a public statement, Ms. Afia revealed that Associated Newspapers has made an offer for damages and that Madonna has accepted the offer on behalf of Stella and Estere. The money will be donated to Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery in Malawi.

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Madonna has said that she’s happy some good has come from the situation, referring to the donation.

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