‘BB19’ Host Julie Chen Slams Jessica’s Bad Game Moves: ‘Ego Got In The Way’

Big Brother‘s Julie Chen has seen just about everything over the past 19 seasons as host of the CBS summertime reality show, but it sounds like she thinks Jessica Graf may take the cake when it comes to boneheaded Big Brother moves. Not only did Graf “waste” her Head of Household reign by putting up a non-threatening pawn, Ramses Soto, who ultimately went home, but she let her emotions get the best of her when she blabbed the secret about the Halting Hex superpower that she won in the Den of Temptation.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen revealed that she was stunned by Jessica’s bad game play this week in the Big Brother house. Julie also revealed that she thinks Jessica may have lost her chance to get this season’s puppet master, returning player Paul Abrahamian, out of the house. Instead, Jessica set her sights on Josh Martinez, a guy who picks on her Big Brother boyfriend, Cody Nickson, and that plan backfired.

“This past week was the week to take out Paul if you want to win the game,” Chen told EW.

“He’s poised now to take it to the end. What the heck was Jessica thinking this week?”

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Julie went on to say that Jessica should have used this opportunity to take Paul out and only Paul out, but instead, she focused on Josh, who she says is “no threat, not great at competitions” and has “no real friends in the house and no alliance.”

“Again, ego got in the way,” Chen said.

“She can’t stand Josh and how he likes to make fun of her and Cody, so her ego aimed for him. Why waste a week of power removing him? Foolish move.”

Another foolish move? Jessica’s impromptu decision to blurt out info on her Halting Hex power after Paul was named the new HOH. While she embellished the details a bit, saying she has a power that will keep both her and Cody safe “for the next few weeks,” Chen slammed Graf for saying anything at all.

“Loose lips sink ships,” Julie said.

“Information is power. I would NOT have said a word if I were Jessica. Why give away the fact you are holding an ace? I think her ego got in the way of her playing clearly. She was so hell bent on showing those who blindsided her that they did not get the best of her. Just emotional and not wise.”

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While she doesn’t agree with Jessica’s latest Big Brother moves, Julie said it should be fun to see the other houseguests scramble to try to figure out what power Jessica actually has. Chen stopped short of saying Jessica Graf has completely blown her Big Brother game.

Julie Chen previously told late night host James Corden that she is terrible at picking potential Big Brother winners and that her top two picks to win Big Brother 19— Cameron and Dominique — have already been evicted from the house. Chen later told Entertainment Weekly that she thinks Alex Ow is currently playing the best Big Brother game.

Take a look at the video below to see Jessica Graf doubting her eviction decision on Big Brother.


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