Emily Ratajkowski Bullied For Perfect Body Achieved Without Diet Or Workout, Instagram Fans Stand Divided

Emily Ratajkowski came into the Hollywood scene with the controversial Robin Thicke video. Since then, through her Instagram, she has been shaking up how women should portray their bodies. She has the body that everyone envies, and she loves to show it off, standing behind her own kind of feminism. But this has kicked up a lot of criticism, with many fans thinking that she looks unhealthy.

The 26-year-old model posted pictures of herself in a bikini taken by a paparazzi. In one of them, her rib cages were very visible, revealing her flat tummy and curves. This immediately got a visceral reaction from her Instagram followers.

One follower commented “Christ her rib cage,” while another added, “What’s wrong with her ribcage? Soooo weird.” Some even credited “plastic surgeries” for her perfect body.

Another fan wrote, “Really hope girls don’t inspire to look like this because this is absolutely unhealthy.”

However, Emily has stood behind the fact that this is her natural body, achieved without severe diet plans or workouts.

“This is just the body I was given,” she said to InStyle. “The main criticism that I get is, ‘Aren’t you just conforming to a patriarchal standard of beauty? Well, this is just the body I was given. I didn’t do anything to it — it’s just my body. But even if I had altered it, that would be fine too.”

Some fans are still supportive of Emily, posting comments like “hot” and “wow” to show that they appreciate her beauty.

Check out the photo that caused such an uproar.

Emily Ratajkowski has also spoken about the fact that she likes to eat foods that are normally high in caloric intake like meat. She also added that she is “not the kind of person who you will find eating a salad,” taking a slight dig at all the girls in Hollywood half-starving themselves to look the part.

This controversy over her “unhealthy,” but also at the same time natural, body may have had some toll on Emily. She was spotted in Los Angeles, dressed down and hiding behind a pair of sunglasses.

“Emily Ratajkowski took the day off as she was seen stepping out in a neutral toned dress in Los Angeles on Monday. The 26-year-old model/actress allowed her perfect skin tone to shine as she kept her head down for a stroll in the unusually gloomy weather.”

All this hoopla about her body is definitely giving her the boost she needs in her career. She was recently on the cover of Allure, attended a Vogue dinner during Paris Fashion Week, and was featured on Bazaar spread.

Do you think Emily Ratajkowski will continue to support her natural body, which is not manipulated by diets or workouts? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/AP Images]