Swim Coach Tracey Anne Boyd, 49, Charged In Drowning Death Of 13-Year-Old Elise Cerami – May Be Jailed 2 Years

Tracey Anne Boyd is facing up to two years in jail for the former assistant swimming coach’s alleged negligent role in the drowning death of 13-year-old Elise Cerami. Boyd is a 49-year-old former North Texas swimming coach for the North Texas Natadores. Tracey was charged with criminal negligence in the wake of Elise’s death last year. According to NBC, Cerami drowned on June 20, 2016, during the practice session of the swimming club at the Carroll Independent School District Aquatic Center.

Boyd was employed by the Carroll ISD school district, but no longer works for the district. According to Tracey’s indictment, Boyd failed to observe Elise closely enough while Cerami was swimming in order to prevent her drowning death. Cerami died within hours in the wake of being taken out of the water at practice at the Carroll ISD Aquatics Center in Southlake, Texas. According to Google Maps, the swimming center is located near the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

News of Tracey’s indictment has brought a variety of reactions on social media, with people expressing sympathy for the sad death of Elise, but also confusion over why her swimming coach must face jail time over her death. On Facebook, comments are flowing into the social sharing network from people claiming that Boyd was likely also heartbroken over the drowning death.

Boyd faces jail time that could last anywhere from 180 days to up to two years, according to WFAA. There aren’t many details in the indictment that indicates exactly what happened to cause Tracey to face charges for the drowning death, but more information should be available when Boyd is scheduled to return to court on August 1.

Cerami’s drowning has been listed as accidental.

In an odd twist to the case, Bill Christensen was another swim coach on the scene who tried to save Elise’s life by performing CPR prior to EMTs arriving. Bill had a heart attack after he attempted to save Elise’s life, but he survived and faces no criminal charges, according to NBC5.

Lori Cerami, Elise’s mother, wants the aquatic center to employ better safety standards, which include American Red Cross lifeguard training for swim coaches.

Cerami’s unfortunate death and Boyd’s jail time are being discussed on social media. On Facebook, folks are calling the death a tragedy, but are also expressing sympathy for Boyd and asking if there were lifeguards on deck, along with the coach.

[Featured Image by Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office/AP Images]