Bella Thorne Tells People To ‘Get Over’ Her And Scott Disick, But Says They Will Be Long-Lasting

Just yesterday, an interview was posted with Bella Thorne, in which she told people to “get over” her relationship with Scott Disick, as the pair was never really together. She has insisted in several interviews that the pair are just friends, and their relationship was never sexual in any way.

Despite this, the star has been seen out with him multiple times, and sometimes the pair has been looking quite cozy. There are rumors that he even sent her flowers after their time in Cannes together, which looked remarkably like those he sent to his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, in order to get her to forgive him for the thousandth time.

Though Bella Thorne told a news outlet that she and Scott Disick were only ever just friends, and she had her eye on someone else entirely, she did say that she believes her relationship with Scott Disick will be “long lasting.”

Many are hard pressed to understand what the pair see in each other, especially since they have such a huge age difference, and Bella Thorne has admitted that she isn’t a fan of partying the way Scott does. In fact, she even said as much after she returned from her vacation in Cannes.

The star has been the target of various rumors over the last couple of weeks, including one that a sex tape of her masturbating had been leaked. Bella, however, tried to keep good humor about it, asking who even masturbates like the women in the grainy pictures.

Bella Thorne’s latest rumor, aside from her romantic life, is that the star has had lip injections. A plastic surgeon has confirmed that the star may have had something done to her mouth to make her pout so much bigger than it was.

Bella, however, said that she was using Buxom lips, a product that makes the user’s lips plump without using any fillers. Hollywood Life speculates that the star would be the first to admit if she had any work done, since she is incredibly open with her fans, but others are still unconvinced.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Stringer/Getty Images]