Listen To 911 Call: Woman Rescues 11 Snakes, Has Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Her Face, Biting Nose [Audio]

The attached 911 call is getting plenty of attention, after a woman called 911 to report that one of the 11 snakes she rescued had turned against her, and began biting her face. Firefighters were able to rescue the woman from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, an area west of Cleveland. The unnamed 45-year-old woman can be heard sounding very afraid in the 911 call, as she reported trying to get the boa constrictor unwrapped from around her neck, but couldn’t. Although the woman said the snake was not poisonous, she soundly deathly afraid as she reported to 911 that the snake had begun to bite her face. Boa constrictors are known to squeeze or “constrict” their prey to death.

The call to authorities came in on Thursday, with the woman telling the 911 operator that she had rescued two boa constrictors on Wednesday, but one of them curled itself around her face. Although the 911 operator advised her to stay calm and try to pry the snake off of her face, she told authorities she could not unlatch the snake’s jaw. According to WKYC, rescuers found the woman on the ground on East Lake Road, which is very close to the shores of Lake Erie, according to Google Maps. As reported by Zillow, houses in the area can run up to $1 million in value, however, the home where the woman in question lived is described as a “long term rental right by the lake, with lake views,” which has been “completely remodeled with updated kitchen, new flooring, and all new appliances” is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom 624-square foot home.

Perhaps the proximity to the lake is one reason for the woman’s abundance of snakes, with 11 snakes in the woman’s possession prior to the snake-biting incident. The boa constrictor that had been wrapped around her neck was killed when a firefighter was able to cut off the head of the snake with a pocket knife.

The above video displays at least two minutes of the 3-minute, 50-second 911 call, with the woman sounding distressed.

“I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face…. There’s blood everywhere…. He’s got my nose.”

The unnamed woman was transported to the hospital, but her injuries from the snake were non-life-threatening.

The Chronicle has a fuller version of the 911 call, more than four minutes long. It includes audio of the 911 operator at first confusing the woman saying “rescued” with “arrested.”

The woman reported that the snake wrapped around her face was five and one half feet long. All of her snakes – including nine ball pythons and the boa constrictor that wasn’t wrapped around her face – were put away.

[Featured Image by Themba Hadebe/AP Images]