'BB19': Raven Walton's GoFundMe Page Not Accepting Donations & Offering Refunds, Was It A Scam? [Update]

Chrissie Williams

Update: Raven Walton's GoFundMe page is accepting donations again. The page added an update stating, "There are many lies out there, but you won't find any on this page." Stacy Sawyer and Raven's Facebook page remain unpublished.

Three weeks ago, a Big Brother fan created a GoFundMe account for Raven Walton after hearing her story on the CBS reality TV show. Raven's mother, Stacy Sawyer, took to social media to share details about Raven's illness, gastroparesis. She claimed that Raven's condition is terminal and had a host of other diseases, adding that two of them were terminal.

Raven's GoFundMe account has raised over $4,000. The fundraiser hoped to raise $200,000, but it looks like that won't be possible.

According to the GoFundMe page, the page is no longer accepting donations. The word on social media is that the fundraiser will offer refunds to those who contributed. If it's not a scam, why would they suddenly stop allowing donations and issue refunds?

Raven's Facebook page, A Beautiful Journey, suddenly disappeared, too. It looks like Raven's mother unpublished the page after facing backlash for allegedly bullying Big Brother fans who spoke out against her daughter.

Several days ago on the Big Brother live feeds, Raven tried to explain her illness but had many inconsistencies in her story. The BB19 houseguests picked up on it and began to question whether she was sick or not.

Kevin Schlehuber wasn't sure if he believed that Raven was sick. He added that she is the "healthiest sick person" he's ever seen. A few of the BB19 houseguests agreed with him and began to question whether Raven was trying to use her illness as a way to further herself in the game.

Why do you think Raven Walton's Facebook page is suddenly gone? Why did her GoFundMe page suddenly stop taking donations and begin issuing refunds? Share your opinion in the comments section below.