Kailyn Lowry Still Doesn’t Have A Name For Baby Lo, And The Star Is Due Any Day Now

Kailyn Lowry is due to give birth to her third child any day now, but the reality TV star still doesn’t have any names picked out for the baby. The star has stated that she is waiting until the child arrives in order to reveal its sex, but last night, she had a friend perform an old wives tale where she put a ring on a string and put it over Kail’s belly to see what energy it picked up. The ring swung in a circle, which means, according to the tradition, that Kailyn is having a girl.

According to the Teen Mom 2 star, she does have a few names she’s looking at, but Kailyn has yet to decide anything concrete. For girls, she’s been thinking about Karsyn, Anastasia, Murphy, and Leona. For boys, she’s considering Griffin, Nixon, Ripken, and Silas. The star wrote on her Twitter that she favors last names for first names, but if she names her son Nixon, she will be starting an odd presidential theme, since her three-year-old is already named Lincoln.

But even with those names in the running, the star tweeted today that she had not found a name she’s set on for her third child.



The heavily pregnant star is reportedly pining for her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, as the birth of her child grows near. According to sources close to the star, she misses the stability her ex-husband offered her. But he has happily moved on and is dating South Carolina native Lauren Comeau and claims he has never been happier in his life.

Her relationship with the father of her third child has fallen apart completely, and Kailyn Lowry claims that he has no interest in being with her. The star says that he has blocked her number, and she has no way of getting in touch with him. As such, she is planning to have the baby without him present.

Kailyn Lowry has a strong network of friends, and a few of them have said they will be on hand to help her with the baby and be there for her when she gives birth in the coming days.


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