Celebrating National Lipstick Day With Free Lipstick From MAC Cosmetics

July 29 is National Lipstick Day, and while this holiday may have been made up by fans of this particular cosmetic, this year many of those fans are going to be rewarded. In honor of the cosmetic holiday, this year MAC Cosmetics is actually going to be giving away a full-size lipstick for free to its customers.

While the typical price for a full-size lipstick from MAC Cosmetics is around $17, for lucky makeup fans who are able to grab this deal, one tube will be completely free on July 29. According to Hollywood Life, the special free lipstick promotion will be available in the U.S. at both the MAC boutique stores and retailers such as ULTA, who carry their makeup line.

As with most special offers like this, supplies will be limited, but this looks to be a great opportunity for long time fans to pick up their favorite shade of lip color and for new customers to give the brand a try. As Refinery 29 pointed out, there is no purchase necessary in order to claim the free lipstick, but there is also no word as to how many people will be able to get their hands on this particular deal. Simply put, there may not be any restrictions on being able to get one of the MAC Cosmetics free lipsticks on National Lipstick Day, but there will be a limit as to how many people are ultimately able to get their hands on that full-size tube of lip color.

This is certainly not the first time that MAC Cosmetics has run a special promotion and in fact, the company is known for being generous when it comes to their makeup. The company is known to offer free samples to its customers, plus they have previously run buy one, get one sales and even had an incentive program known as Back to Mac. Previous MAC giveaways have featured the company’s top rated lipstick as well, however, this time around it seems the company has decided to go all out and offer their fans something even more buzz worthy, free lipstick with no strings attached.

Although MAC Cosmetics seems to be the only makeup company offering a special promotion in honor of National Lipstick Day, this does not mean there are not plenty of other companies out there for people who are not fans of this particular brand. There are still plenty of ways to celebrate National Lipstick Day, even if that means not getting a free lip color. With so many cosmetic companies out there and different shades to choose from, this particular makeup based holiday can still be a fun celebration of color just by picking up a new lipstick from any brand.

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]