‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: HoH Paul Calls Jessica’s Bluff – Temptation Competition Players Revealed

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds this morning in the BB house reveal that Paul still plans to use his Head of Household reign to call Jessica’s bluff on her temptation. Paul and Jess are playing chicken since her advantage can’t be exercised until Thursday night to stop the live eviction, but he doesn’t know it. Unless Paul leaves Jessica and Cody off the block, it seems very likely this will be a non-eviction week, plus the new Temptation Competition is looming to wreak more havoc on the BB19 houseguests.

Temptation Competition revealed to BB19 houseguests

The next three Sundays of BB19 will include the Temptation Competition, which should shake up the Big Brother house in ways we can’t anticipate. This new competition will take place before the nominations, according to info from Big Brother Network, and it could keep one lucky BB19 HG from being nominated. Houseguests get to choose whether or not they will compete, but if they compete and don’t win, they will be subject to punishment. Plus, the HG that comes in last in the Temptation Competition automatically goes on the chopping block as a third nominee. This revelation sparked debate right away in the BB19 house.


At about 1 p.m. on Friday, the houseguests learned about the Temptation Competition, but the live feeds were down while Big Brother made the reveal to them. We will see what was said and their reactions on the BB19 episode on Sunday, July 30. Then, a little before 3 p.m. on Friday, July 28, the Big Brother 19 live feeds went dark presumably so HGs could announce if they will play in the competition and the feeds stayed dark, so it seems Big Brother might have gone from self-nominations to play directly into the temptation competition itself.

Who will participate in the temptation competition?

Paul isn’t eligible to play since he’s HoH, according to Paul’s statements on the live feeds. Kevin declined to play since he knows he’s not at risk of nomination, but losing could send him to the chopping block. Alex considered playing to try and block Cody from winning the competition. Matt said he wouldn’t play unless Paul told him to – and then Paul told him to. Jason said he will play and isn’t scared of the block if he loses. It makes sense that some would participate so that Cody wouldn’t win automatically if he’s the only one to play.


Paul encouraged Mark to play, according to BB19 spoilers from the live feeds, and that will entice Elena to also play in the competition. It seems that more will choose to play than not and the process to enlist for the competition is for houseguests to go upstairs to the Den of Temptation to announce whether or not they will play. This means they will announce without knowing who else has committed to the competition which can prove risky. Since the reveal of this new competition from Big Brother production, the house has been abuzz with conversation and contemplation on this twist.

Likely Competing – Jason, Alex, Mark, Elena, Cody, Josh, Matt

Likely Not Competing – Jessica, Christmas, Kevin, Raven

Can’t Compete – Paul

Cody and Jessica fight over Halting Hex

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds this afternoon featured a spat between Jessica and Cody over whether he should play in the competition or not. Since Jessica has exaggerated the power of her advantage, she felt Cody playing would reveal her lies. Cody told her Paul would call her bluff anyway, so he might as well play. Cody is certain he’ll be on the block by the end of the week if he doesn’t win the temptation competition. Cody wanted Jessica to tell Paul the truth about her hex so that neither of them is nominated. Jessica walked out of the fight irritated.


Nominations revealed after Temptation Competition

Paul speculated that the competition would be somewhat like the Roadkill Competition from BB18 where houseguests competed individually in a timed challenge out in the backyard. If you watched Big Brother 18, you’d remember it was in the RV in the yard of the BB house. Even if Cody wins the temptation competition, we can likely expect Paul to nominate Jessica to force her to reveal her advantage. Paul weighed the pros and cons and decided forcing her hand is better than remaining in the dark about the power Jessica possesses.

It’s a wise move on Paul’s part. Depending on the length of the temptation competition, nominations could take place today or in the morning. Last year, the Big Brother timeline varied somewhat because of roadkill competition.

Check back for the results of the temptation comp and more on the BB19 controversy among fans debating whether or not Raven is exaggerating her health claims, plus Cody and Jessica still reeling from the eviction night blindside that derailed her HoH thanks to Paul secretly controlling the house in these and other new Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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