Jenelle Evans Says Ex Andrew Lewis Skipped Jace’s Birth To Party With Friends

Jenelle Evans has been getting pretty candid with fans about her life before Teen Mom 2, and a variety of things we haven’t seen on the series. In her new book, Read Between the Lines, Jenelle opens up about her experience with her ex, Andrew Lewis, who fathered her eldest son, Jace.

Andrew has never been in Jace’s life, though he has made a couple of appearances on Teen Mom 2. Jenelle found out she was pregnant in December of 2008 and said that Andrew was quick to try and cheer her up and keep her smiling throughout her rough time. But she says she knew in her gut that he “wouldn’t stick around.”

Andrew moved to another town with his family while Jenelle Evans was pregnant, and she says when she went into labor, she had to call him six or seven times for him to pick up. He stayed with her for a little while, but then left to go party with his friends before Jace made his debut.

Jenelle Evans claims that he has signed away his custody and has no real interest in being in his son’s life, though he says he wants to see him every now and then.

Jenelle Evans says that she is now happy with her fiance, David Eason, who takes care of her boys like they are his own. She has had a daughter, Ensley, with David and the pair plan to marry this fall on their property in North Carolina.

Though Jenelle Evans’s mother, Barbara, helped her raise Jace while she was struggling with a heroin addiction, in addition to helping her get clean, she hasn’t made the cut on her invitation list. Not one of her family members will be attending the wedding actually, which has hurt them incredibly, according to her mother, Barbara.

Jenelle claims in her new book that Barbara set her up in order to take custody of Jace. In one of the chapters, Jenelle Evans says that her mother told her to go out and party with her friends, but then called the cops and Child Protective Services (CPS) to have Jace taken away from her.

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