Kylie Jenner Appearance: Keke Palmer Says Jenner Gave Into Pressure, Bad Influence On Young Fans

Kylie Jenner continues to woo fans with her beauty tricks and tips and her various endeavors. Her entrepreneurial ventures include her fashion line alongside her model sister, Kendall, and her own Lip Kit brand that has proven to be a hit with her millions of followers. Clearly, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has found her place in the ultra-famous family, which has basically become famous for being famous.

Jenner has earned praise by using her fan base to launch various lines and has even found herself a steady spot as the face of Puma, much to Kanye West’s initial dismay. The latest launch for Jenner is a new line from Kylie Cosmetics that will celebrate the reality star’s birthday, as US Weekly notes.

Although the busy beauty has gained the aforementioned praise, Kylie has also brought much criticism upon herself because of the obvious extensive procedures she has had done and for supposedly succumbing to societal pressures to have a certain look.

The latest celebrity to speak out about Kylie’s ever-changing appearance, which includes her hair color and lip size, is Keke Palmer, who insists that fans are crazy to “love Kylie” because she has thrown away who Kylie truly is regarding her appearance. According to Keke Palmer, Ms. Jenner is telling young women that they must change who they are to be accepted.

The Daily Mail relays Palmer’s words to Yahoo Beauty.

“Specifically in the situation with Kylie, where you’ve had a young girl people have seen on television since she was a kid and they literally told her she was so ugly … the ugly person in the family. She went and did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful. The even crazier part is that everybody loves her for it.”

What Keke is referring to when she states, “did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful,”are the alleged multiple plastic surgery procedures and lip alterations, which have brought Jenner to her current and vastly different appearance.

The Scream Queen star went on to explain her frustration with how this example causes young people to be influenced. The body and appearance alterations made by a celebrity like Ms. Jenner may convince young people that if they succumb to societal pressures to become what the world thinks they should be, they will be loved for it and easily profit from it.

Keke adds that it causes the easily influenced to believe that you can, and should be “profitable for not being who you truly are.”

The beauty, who got her big break as a 10-year-old in Barbershop 2 as Queen Latifah’s niece, insists that being real with herself and real regarding how she portrays herself to the world is what has resulted in her longevity as a notable actress. There is no question that making it as an adult actor after breaking onto the scene as a child actor is a difficult task. So, it seems that Palmer’s philosophy is good advice for today’s youth.

“I haven’t been lying to myself or pretending to be happy when I wasn’t happy or sad when I wasn’t sad,'”she said.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week]