‘DOOL’ Rumors: Jen Lilley’s Return Has Been Hinted, Now She Tweets A Special Birthday Message To Eric Martsolf

DOOL fans have heard the rumors of Jen Lilley’s return to Salem as Theresa Donovan, mother of Brady Black’s son. Eric Martsolf and Lilley have spoken out, and they are all for a reunion of the two. Ron Carlivati, are you working on bringing this to the screens of Days of Our Lives viewers?

Theresa Donovan was one of those characters that viewers had to grow to love. She was a walking nightmare when she first came to Salem. No matter what storyline she was in, DOOL fans would see chaos and drama. As she schemed and manipulated, she became known as trouble and only managed to become involved with Brady because of his relapse into drugs and alcohol.

As DOOL viewers watched the couple struggle to get their lives together, they saw a new side to Theresa. Of course, the bad girl attitude would be seen from time to time. Her past finally caught up with her, and she left Brady and Tate in order to protect them. Fans have wanted Brady to have a love interest ever since. Now with Nicole, fans are preparing to see yet another heartbreak for Brady, as Nicole and Eric reunite.

Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley have chemistry on the set of DOOL. As reported by Soap Central, tweets by Jen Lilley show that she is paying attention to Eric’s comments about hoping she will return to reprise the role of Theresa Donovan. In a tweet this morning, she is wishing her on-camera husband a happy birthday and refers to him as “one in 7.5 billion.”


With all the rumors and speculation, fans of DOOL have also taken to social media to voice their opinions on a Brady and Theresa reunion. Most are happy and excited at the possibility. To have the two reunite and raise their son together would be a happy ending for Brady. His love life is always in turmoil, and Brady deserves a good, solid love interest. With Nicole leaving DOOL, and according to spoilers, reuniting with Eric, Brady will be alone again.

Are you hoping Jen Lilley returns to DOOL? Did you like Brady and Theresa together before? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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