‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who Is Jared? Meet Hayden’s, Formerly Known As Rachel, Ex-Husband

General Hospital spoilers tease that Rebecca Budig’s final weeks on the ABC soap opera will reveal her past and everything that she has desperately been trying to hide. Who is responsible for destroying her life just as it starts coming together? Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) of course. Dr. Obrecht went digging into Hayden’s past and found information that she is now using to her advantage against Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). She found Jared. Who is Jared? General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jared is Hayden’s, formerly known as Rachel, ex-husband.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, Dr. Obrecht sought Jared out. Although he was reluctant to see her at first, she made such an enticing proposal to him that he cannot help but think that it has its merits. Jared went to prison and he has served his time. Dr. Obrecht managed to convince him that Hayden should have also paid for her part in his downfall according to the spoilers. She convinces him that he needs to see Hayden again. Not only that, but General Hospital spoilers state Dr. Obrecht has poisoned Jared’s mind to concoct a revenge plan against his ex-wife. He is now intent on making her regret the fact that she ‘turned her back on him.”

In the meantime, Hayden did make some huge changes after Jared went to prison. She changed for the better, but it seems as if she cannot just run away from her past. General Hospital spoilers via GH Spy state that “Hayden has a secret coming back to haunt her.” The secret is none other than her ex-husband Jared, and when he reenters Hayden’s life, she will not be happy about it. In fact, she will want him to disappear out of her life again. Hayden will be worried that his presence could impact her future with Finn (Michael Easton) and the baby on the way.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Hayden will seek advice for the situation she finds herself in on August 7. And on August 8, she will decide that the time has come for her to take action. Unfortunately, General Hospital fans know that you don’t want to be on Dr. Obrecht’s bad side.


In the meantime, it seems as if Finn will seek Monica’s (Leslie Charleson) blessing according to the spoilers. Could Finn be seeking her approval to ask Hayden to marry him? If so, Finn will be let down in a big way once Hayden exits General Hospital.

As General Hospital wraps up Rebecca Budig and Kathleen Gati’s exit storyline, do you think Hayden should come clean to Finn?

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