Woman Wrongly Diagnosed With Depression Now Has Just Weeks To Live

Tina Locke from Penygraig, Rhondda, has been complaining of stomach and chest pains for two years, but was incorrectly treated for depression, anxiety, and muscle pain. The only medication she received was antidepressants, and now this loved wife and mother-of-two has just weeks to live, according to Perth Now.

Tina Locke’s devastated husband Jason has posted an emotional plea for help on Facebook.

“This is a desperate plea from a desperate man trying to save his wife’s life.”

Jason told the emotional story how, after complaining of chest and stomach pains for two years, his wife has finally been correctly diagnosed with stomach cancer.

It seems Tina was incorrectly diagnosed with and treated for depression, but now the family is devastated to learn they’re going to lose their wife and mother to cancer. Sadly, because the cancer went undiagnosed, it is now so advanced that it has spread to her abdominal lining and lymph nodes.

Her actual diagnosis is “signet ring cell adenocarcinoma,” a malignant and rare form of cancer that is largely immune to chemotherapy.

Now, with just eight weeks to live, a crowd-funding campaign has been launched on Facebook to help the family with Mrs. Locke’s medical expenses. Their last hope is for Mrs. Locke to go to Germany for potentially life-saving immunotherapy treatment; however, this treatment could cost as much as $494,000.

Jason Locke posted an emotional video on Facebook, appealing for help for his wife. In the video, Jason explained that his wife’s misdiagnosis was due to negligence on the part of the NHS (National Health Service), who “took two years to find out what was wrong with her.”

“Now they are telling us that there is nothing they can do to save her life, only palliative care.”

At only 43-years-old, Tina’s diagnosis has devastated herself, her husband, and their two sons.


The aim of the video is to connect with a “millionaire or millionairess” who is willing to give the family $494,000 to fund a trip to German and potentially life-saving treatment.

Mr. Locke explained that they intend to sue the NHS and will refund the money to the donor in due course.

A spokesperson from the Cwm Taf University Health Board refused to comment on the individual circumstances, but did advise that they have launched an investigation.

“We are aware of this case and an investigation is under way.”

According to BBC News, the family has been let down after Tina Locke’s health complaints were not investigated.

Tina was diagnosed in April this year at the Vale of Glamorgan Hospital, and Jason has not left his wife’s side since that time.

Even though Tina had been in pain for two years and repeatedly asked for an endoscopy, Jason said that she was given antidepressants and only treated for anxiety and fibromyalgia.

“She begged and begged for the cameras, she had never been to A&E in her life, my wife always looked well, but she knew her own body.”

Mother to 15-year-old Dylan and 24-year-old James, Tina Locke’s cancer has now spread to her stomach lining, with doctors advising that chemotherapy could cause the tumor to rupture.

“My kids are going to be left without a mum, I’m going to be without a wife, she is only 43. You just couldn’t make it up, it’s unbelievable, it’s shocking – my heart is just totally broken.”

The family heard about a woman from Manchester with the same cancer who was successfully treated in Germany, so they’re now desperately trying to raise money to get this same treatment for Tina.

In Jason’s opinion, the NHS owe his wife a chance to try the potentially life-saving treatment. And he isn’t going to give up without a fight.

“I will camp and protest on the steps of the Assembly until the money is given to send her to Germany. The NHS owes it to her.”

According to Jason, Tina Locke looked so well that nobody took her seriously and she had to beg the doctors to give her tests.

The Daily Mail reported that Tina’s close friend Laura Obradovic-Eaves said the NHS was in effect refusing to help Mrs. Locke by not approving immunotherapy in the United Kingdom.

“The family have argued their case to the NHS and asked them to skip the formalities of approval and give her the treatment here but so far they are refusing to help Tina.”

Family and friends have already raised £9,000 (almost $12,000) via a JustGiving page, in addition to sponsored walks, a car boot sale, and other fundraising efforts.

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