Amber Rose Sends 21 Savage Love, Apologizes After Saying Philly Girls Aren’t Traditionally Attractive [Video]

Amber Rose is taking a whole bunch of heat on Twitter after a video of her calling people from South Philadelphia not “traditionally attractive” went viral. Amber made sure to send her boyfriend, 21 Savage, lots of love in the apology video that followed — as well as admonish people for romantically linking Rose with all sorts of guys. Amber proclaimed that she’s happy with 21 Savage and that she is in love with him. Amber, however, found herself at the center of a bunch of backlash when Rose said in the interview that a lot of the people that are from the section of Philly where she’s from “aren’t traditionally attractive.”

Rose hesitated before making her statement, with Amber seeking a way to express herself without sounding “f***** up,” as Rose put it. Well, it turns out some folks are making their offense at Amber’s words known on social media. Rose went on to talk about being blessed with beauty, calling her beauty both a blessing and a curse. Rose recalled how people on the bus would ask her if she was really from South Philly, insisting she looked like was she from California. Rose said she grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Philly.

Warning: The video below, which includes both the interview and apology video, contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

In her apology videos, Amber explained that she finds beauty in everyone, and that her words were misconstrued, because it’s not easy doing interviews. Rose blamed people who want Amber to be a “superficial b****,” and said her words came from how people treated Rose, not how Amber felt.

Rose said that she was cringing because she is “just so not that girl” that she saw in the interview, and that she was sorry for it coming off that way. Amber called herself a sweetheart and claimed that people are trying to make her seem like a horrible person. Rose said she is cool with everybody and that she’s a single mom trying to make her way in life by being positive and trying to be a better person.

Although Amber is calling herself “super happy” and in love with 21 Savage, not everyone on Twitter is in love with Rose right now. Some people are posting photos of other beautiful women from Philly, while others are posting old pics of Rose from back in the day.

Amber Rose
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