Taylor Swift And Blake Lively Went On A Romantic Double Date With Their Men

Just when we thought Taylor Swift was going to stay in hiding for the rest of the year, reports have surfaced that she and BFF Blake Lively enjoyed a romantic double date with their significant others.

The “Blank Space” singer and her rumored new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, spent some time in Rhode Island with the Gossip Girl alum and her husband, Ryan Reynolds. What first started off as a secret getaway for Swift and the British actor, quickly turned into a double date after Lively and Reynolds joined in on the fun.

Us Weekly reports the couples hung out at Swift’s home for two days. This is the same Rhode Island pad Swift was first spotted kissing ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston back in June, 2016. Remember those kissing-on-the-rock photos that began “Hiddleswift’s” love story?

It’s very safe to assume that Swift loves to bring her secret boyfriends to Rhode Island, but who was the better man for the double date? Alwyn or Hiddleston? We’re sure Reynolds would want to avoid that question in the future, however, all the evidence points to Hiddleston. After all, the couples did take that epic porch photo and let’s not forget Hiddleston’s infamous “I (heart) T. S.” tank top.


Following their getaway, Swift and Alwyn headed back to her New York City apartment where they were spotted heading to the gym together. However, according to Us Weekly, the couple is determined to keep their relationship private and away from the media.

“Taylor had her massive security team set up so it would look as though [she] was going to walk through the front door, but then a security car pulled to the back of the building. Taylor and Joe ran in wearing matching hoodies and covered by umbrellas.”

Fans can’t blame Swift for wanting to keep her relationship hidden. After all the bad publicity she and Hiddleston’s romance received, it’s no wonder that she wants to keep Alwyn all to herself. But what do fans really know about Joe Alywn other than the fact that he’s dating Swift?

Joe Alwyn attends the Gala screening of 'The Sense of an Ending'

He’s a 26-year-old British actor from Crouch End, London. He’s relatively new to acting considering his big break came last year when he starred in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. He also recently played the role of Adrian Finn in the film, Sense of an Ending.

Fans should all definitely keep an eye out for this up-and-coming actor.

[Featured Image by Blake Lively/Instagram]