Vegas Hotel Shooting, 2 Dead In Excalibur Murder-Suicide

A Vegas hotel shooting at the Excalibur Casino has left two dead at the end of a day marked by gun violence in America, and police say the deaths were a murder suicide.

The Vegas hotel shooting occurred at around 8:30 PM local time, law enforcement sources indicate, with one dead on the scene and another transported to a local hospital, where the female victim later died of her wounds.

A local news source reports that police were informed of shots fired in the Vegas hotel shooting, with Excalibur guests reportedly fleeing the outbreak of gunfire:

“According to police, they received reports of several gunshots about 8:30 p.m. and two people laying on the floor.

“The woman was transported to University Medical Center in critical condition, but later died. The man was declared dead at the scene.”

Witness Zakeyaha Amecker told press that the Vegas hotel shooting was traumatic, and said:

“I’m devastated … I can’t really put words. It’s dreadful. That’s all I can say.”

After the Vegas hotel shooting, the company issued a brief statement on Twitter to address the deaths, tweeting:

vegas hotel shooting excalibur

Some displaced guests tweeted back inquiring as to the nature of the incident reported, unsure if it was safe to return to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino following the tragedy. The Excalibur later added:

The Vegas shooting at the Excalibur Hotel is said to have occurred in the vicinity of the property’s reservation desk. Police have neither the victim nor the shooter involved in the incident have been identified.