Roomy Khan Named as Informant in Galleon Case, Traded on Google Insider Information

Roomy Khan, a former Galleon employee has been named as the FBI informant that led to the arrest of high profile trader Raj Rajaratnam.

According to the SEC, Roomy Khan worked for Galleon in the late 1990s, then in 2005 approached Rajaratnam again wanting to return to Galleon following financial difficulties. Rajaratnam is alleged to have asked Kahn if she had inside information about any public companies, and over the next two years (despite not being hired) she provided him with insider tips about several companies, notable among them being Google.

The NY Times notes that the complaint says she agreed to become an FBI informant in November 2007 and provided evidence against him to investigators, including taped conversations. The SEC claims that Rajaratnam used the information provided on Google, Hilton Hotels and Polycom to make a $13 million profit on trades.

Not a lot about Roomy Khan’s relationship with Google, or how she obtained the information. She had previously made some small headlines when she was sued for underpaying a house servant in 2007. Notably until recently she lived in Atherton, the heart of the Valley and home to some of Google’s leading executives. Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a consultant at Trivium Capital and an Investment Manager Consultant.