Laurene Powell Jobs: Steve Jobs’ Widow In Flirty Dress With BF Aboard $100M Yacht Husband Built, Never Used

Steve Jobs built a $100 million super-yacht but died before he could step foot inside. However, his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, was spied on the mega-boat recently with her boyfriend. The pair was on vacation and didn’t appear to have a care in the world, citing multiple reports.

Laurene Powell Jobs, 53, is one of the wealthiest women in the world and has a $100 million yacht to cruise around the world. Recently, Laurene and Adrian Fenty toured the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

Laurene and the former Washington, D.C. mayor mingled with other tourists as they took in the local sights and culture of the Mediterranean city. Job’s daughter, Eve, 19, accompanied Laurene and her beau on their sightseeing excursion.

Laurene dressed in a flirty floral dress that flowed in the wind. She wore her blonde hair loose with a straw hat, chose comfortable sneakers for the walking tour and kept her eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

Fenty looked relaxed in shorts, sneakers and a green shirt that was fashionably unbuttoned at the top and bottom. They both sported Apple watches. Laurene’s was the pricier of the two at $17,000.

Eve dressed effortlessly in black leggings and a loose-fitting tee. Laurene’s daughter — one of three she reared with her late husband — chose Saint Laurent espadrilles. And to drive home her fashion sense, the teen tucked an iPhone in her waistband.

As for the yacht that Steve built, the vessel was moored just offshore while Laurene and her travel companions took in the sights. The late tech whiz commissioned the 265-feet-long luxury craft in 2008 and reportedly spared no expense. The yacht has over two-dozen iMacs in the wheelhouse for navigation, according to Daily Mail.

The iPhone visionary tapped Phillippe Starck to design his unique sailing haven and retained the services of the Apple Store’s chief designer to construct the glass encompassing the yacht. The ship named Venus was complete in 2012, but Mr. Jobs never lived to see it take its maiden voyage.

Steve Jobs died in 2011. His cause of death, according to the Huffington Post, was due to a respiratory arrest related to a malignancy. Reportedly, Jobs “lived more than seven years after being diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor –- a less common, slower-growing and more treatable type of pancreatic cancer.” Steve and Laurene were married for 20 years until his passing.

Apple's Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell arrive at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Laurene and Adrian met the same year in Houston, Texas. The two share similar interests of school reform and bonded during an education conference. Fenty’s marriage of 15 years ended in divorce in 2013. It’s unclear if Powell Jobs had any impact on the couple’s split. He also has three children from his marriage.

After the Apple founder’s death, Laurene Powell Jobs inherited his estate estimated at some $10 billion. Currently, her net worth places her as the sixth richest woman in the world. Bloomberg places her riches closer to $18 billion.

Despite her wealth and leadership on several company boards, Laurene manages to lead a relatively low profile, according to sources. In addition to the gaudy yacht, Jobs owns a pair of private jets and multiple pieces of real estate. She is also a major shareholder of Apple Inc. and Disney.

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