Donald Trump Allegedly Has A Regular Girlfriend In Florida And Melania Is Rumored To Know About It [Update]

Donald Trump has faced intense scrutiny over his strained marriage with Melania Trump. The first lady’s infamous hand swat a few months ago made it seem like their relationship was teetering on the edge. Although the couple has since put on a united front for the public, Donald reportedly has a secret girlfriend in Florida – and Melania knows all about it.

According to the Independent Reporter, Donald spent a lot of time at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida during the first few months as President. This, of course, is not evidence that he was seeing a mystery woman at the club, but former White House staffer Claude Taylor claims that Trump’s affair happened at the resort. Taylor says media outlets have known about Trump’s infidelity and have not reported on it because it was too scandalous to touch.

“Many members [of the] MSM and others seem to know or believe that Trump has a regular girlfriend in Florida that he sees at Mar-a-Lago. Is it true? I cannot say for certain-what I do know is many credible people believe it to be true-including lots of reporters,” Taylor shared.

Taylor claims that everyone inside the White House knows about Trump’s girlfriend. This includes Melania, who apparently doesn’t care if her husband is sleeping with other women. In fact, she was allegedly planning on divorcing Trump if he lost the election. She decided to stick with him after he was elected president for the sake of the country.

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If the reports are true, then Donald Trump has a lot of explaining to do. Sadly, this wouldn’t be the biggest scandal during his short tenure in office, but it would certainly hurt his image with the general public. Not to mention what it would do to Trump’s seemingly crumbling marriage.

According to Vanity Fair, there have been plenty of signs that Trump and Melania’s marriage is on the rocks. There was the time that Trump failed to escort Melania up the steps of the White House to greet Barack and Michelle Obama. They also shared an awkward dance during the inauguration, which sparked the Twitter hashtags: #SadMelania and #SaveMelania. Suspicion also arose when Melania refused to move into the White House and remained in New York until her son, Barron, finished school.

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It isn’t clear what will happen between Melania and Donald, especially if the affair reports are confirmed. Until that bombshell drops, it appears as though Melania and Donald will remain together – at least for now.

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