'Batman V Superman' Ultimate Edition Reveals Jena Malone's Secret Role — She May Appear In 'Cyborg' Or 'Flash'

Many fans were unhappy when Jena Malone's scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to make the final cut.

Fortunately, the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition revealed Malone's role might be much bigger than previously thought.

According to MoviePilot, most speculated that Malone was cast to play Barbara Gordon in the movie. Because her scenes were cut from the theater edition, fans were left wondering what part Malone played in the film.

The trailer for the Ultimate Edition surprised fans and revealed a completely different role for the actress.

The trailer includes a scene where Malone has a conversation with Lois Lane. Although the context of their talk is unclear, Malone alludes to a "desert incident" that created public outcry against Superman.

"This is what makes you such a good reporter," Malone tells her. "Stuff like this still shocks you."

The clip makes it looks like Malone is another reporter with the Daily Planet. Luckily, the DC Extended Universe's Instagram account cleared up the matter.

Batman V Superman Box Office Done For?
Henry Cavill as Superman [Image via Warner Bros.]Instead of a reporter, Malone is portraying an important scientist for S.T.A.R. labs named Jenet Klyburn.

"Where are the people who said she was confirmed as Barbara Gordon now huh??! #JenaMalone #JenetKlyburn #StarLabs #BatmanvSuperman," the post read alongside a photo of Malone.

According to ComicBook, Jenet doesn't appear a lot in the comics, though she does have a history working with Superman. At the same time, the character has helped S.T.A.R. Labs on multiple occasions, which definitely offers a nice crossover between franchises.

In fact, not only does Malone's character play an important role in the DCEU, but she also provides a great link between Superman, The Flash, and Cyborg.

For those unaware, S.T.A.R. Labs has a deep connection to Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. Fans saw the start of Cyborg's origin story in Batman v Superman, and the character is already slated for his own standalone movie in the coming years.

Although Malone's character appears in the comics, the Dawn of Justice version is slightly different.

According to CinemaBlend, Malone's version of the character includes blonde hair and glasses, two characteristics missing from the original. Fans have yet to vote on whether or not they like the changes, though some public outcry will likely ensue.

Meanwhile, the biggest question remaining is whether or not Malone will appear in a new Flash or Cyborg film first.

Cyborg is scheduled to be released before a Flash movie, so it's more likely that Malone will make a cameo with Stone.

At this time, it isn't clear how big of a role she'll play in the films, though it is very likely that she'll make some kind of an appearance.

batman solo film ben affleck creative control zack snyder superman justice league
Ben Affleck will reprise his role at Batman in a solo feature in 2018. [Image via Warner Bros.]Either way, the news confirms that Malone was never cast to play Barbara Gordon in the movie.

In addition to Malone's part, iDigital Times is reporting that the new release will feature a number of different changes to Batman v Superman.

Apart from deleted scenes, fans will be treated to an R-rated version of the movie, complete with more violence and swearing for all characters involved.

Of course, adding more violence and harsh language might not redeem the movie for the majority of fans. After all, the movie's worst feature was its inability to connect with audiences because of its overuse of figurative language.

That being said, at least the new edition features more destruction and violence, which should line up well with its darker tone.

Fans can watch Malone's deleted scenes when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -- Ultimate Edition is released on DVD and Blu-ray July 19.

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